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Kyrie Lrving Apologises Following a Twitter Backlash and Suspension by the Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Lrving

Kyrie Irving to an apology was an extended suspension, a call-out from the Anti-Defamation League, two press appearances, and a week of pressure. Following a hailstorm of criticism after Irving’s shambolic news conference, the Nets point guard finally apologized for retweeting an anti-Semitic movie on his Instagram account. Still, he did continue to indicate he agreed with some of the arguments made in the film.

Kyrie Lrving Has Apologised:

Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving apologized for tweeting a link labeled as antisemitic, saying he takes responsibility for his decision with his almost five million followers. The NBA player apologized on his verified Instagram account hours after the five-game punishment for the later defense of his choice. “To All Jewish Communities that are wounded and affected by my article, I am truly sorry to have caused you sorrow, and I apologize,” Irving wrote. “I initially responded out of emotion to being wrongly labeled instead of focusing on the healing process of Jewish Brothers and Sisters affected by the harsh statements stated in the Documentary.

Kyrie Irving’s Statement:

Kyrie Irving’s Statement


“I had no intention of disrespecting any Jewish cultural history related to the Holocaust or fostering hatred.” “I am learning from this tragic situation and hope we may all find understanding,” Irving concluded. Irving was chastised last week by Nets owner Joe Tsai for tweeting a link to the 2018 film “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” which is based on the book of the same name and has been criticized by civil rights groups as antisemitic. Before issuing his apology, Irving’s team issued a statement on Twitter stating that they made numerous attempts to assist Irving in “understanding the harm and risk of his words and actions.”

What does the Net’s State?

“Such refusal to condemn antisemitism when allowed to do so is profoundly unsettling, goes against our principles, and constitutes conduct harmful to the team,” the Nets said aa Thursday. As a result, we believe he is unsuited to be linked with the Nets. We have decided that Kyrie will face a five-game ban without pay until he completes a series of objective corrective measures that address the detrimental consequences of his behavior.”

The Anti-Defamation League has turned down Irving’s Donation:

The Anti-Defamation League has turned down Irving's Donation


That media appearance came after Irving and the Nets announced on Wednesday that they would each donate $500,000 to anti-hate organizations. Irving, the Nets, and the Anti-Defamation League previously issued a joint statement in which he accepted “responsibility” for his post’s “negative impact” on the Jewish community.
Greenblatt, however, stated on Twitter on Thursday night, following the suspension announcement, that the ADL could not “accept in good faith.” “(Irving) has had numerous opportunities to do the right thing, apologize, and condemn. He has failed at nearly every step of the way. Greenblatt stated, “This suspension is well-deserved.” “We were optimistic, but after witnessing Kyrie’s press conference catastrophe, it’s evident he feels no culpability for his conduct.”

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