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What happened to Lee Brown? The Story of a British Tourist Who Was Beaten to Death by Dubai Guards

What happened to Lee Brown

Lee Brown, a British tourist, expected to stay only a few days in the UAE, but he died a few days later in a prison cell. Let’s take a closer look at what happened to Lee Brown and how Dubai Guards beat him.

What Happened to Lee Brown in Dubai?

Mr. Lee Brown, from Dagenham in East London, loves traveling and was considering converting to Islam to marry the woman he had been dating for about a year. To save money for an overseas vacation, he would work seven-day weeks overseeing his building, painting, and decorating company. Lee Brown arrived in Dubai on April 6, 2011, on his way to Indonesia to visit his girlfriend. Despite requests, the UAE authorities have never provided film of the alleged encounter or his time in the police station, according to the inquest jury.

Statement by Lee Brown:

Lee Brown submitted a statement after being detained in which he indicated that someone who was not a hotel employee had entered and shoved him out. When he returned, he claimed there were 20 individuals in his room, and he was later attacked and brought to the police station while wearing only his underpants. He was alleged to have flung himself on the floor, leaped on furniture, and received superficial injuries to his face, arm, and chest on April 8 before being led to the public prosecutor’s office. He was then imprisoned for four days, and his condition deteriorated.

Explanation of Lee Brown’s death at the hands of Dubai Guards:

On the evening of April, his brother and sister-in-law received a panicked phone call from another detained British individual alerting them that their relative was being held “in a very horrible manner” and was at risk of dying while incarcerated. “You must get aid,” the prisoner says. If this continues, Lee may lose his life.” Mr. Lee Brown was allegedly handcuffed and had blood from an injury. “He is in a bad state because the police severely assaulted him,” they added. Get help from the British Embassy as soon as possible.”

Lee Brown Was Beaten To Death:

The following day, around 2 a.m., the same inmate called Susanne and said, “Have you contacted the embassy?” He has been severely beaten, is unconscious on the floor, and requires aid. He is being held in isolation. He has been violently abused by Dubai police, denied food and water, put in solitary confinement while shackled, has ankle shackles, and looks nodding off while briefly losing consciousness. He has a cut near his forehead, and blood is streaming down his face and chest from his nasal wound.” His sister-in-law promptly informed the Foreign Office following these chats. A Foreign Office representative arrived at the prison quickly but was sent away.

What Happened After Lee Brown’s Death?

Steve and Susanne came to Dubai a few days after Lee died. They went to the police station and the hotel all within 24 hours before going home because they were too scared to stay overnight. Susanne said in court that she was denied video surveillance and that her conversation with a police station officer was “vague and incoherent.” When the two asked to review the CCTV footage, they were told it was “too grainy” despite showing Mr. Brown beating himself “by throwing his arms about.”

“He kept saying it, even though CCTV from the police station and continued harming himself,” Susanne told the inquest. Suzanne stated that the top prosecutor was “quite frantic” with the family and presented a “bizarre presentation” before denying access to the film again. “He told me the prosecution against him was being dismissed,” Suzanne remarked, as though we should be grateful because they could have continued prosecuting him after his death. As if we should be relieved that they were dropped.”

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