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Who is Austin Creed Wife? Is Austin Creed Married?

Who is Austin Creed Wife

Xavier Woods is a professional wrestler from the United States who now competes for the popular “World Wrestling Entertainment” brand “SmackDown” (WWE). Xavier, who was born in Georgia, has always been a gamer. He never misses an opportunity to show off his gaming character. Xavier holds psychology and philosophy degrees. He started his professional wrestling career in 2005. He started with WWE’s developmental organizations, including Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and Florida Championship Wrestling, much like every other performer (FCW). He briefly worked for “New Japan Pro Wrestling” in his early years as a professional wrestler. In a “Raw” show from November 2013, he made his “WWE” main roster debut, and he triumphed in his first singles bout against Heath Slater. He has developed a reputation as a very skilled wrestler over the years and has become a regular on both “Raw” and “SmackDown.” He now belongs to the wrestling team “The New Day,” together with Big E and Kofi Kingston. Xavier is regarded as one of the world’s best professional wrestlers and he also has a Ph.D. in educational psychology.

Who is Austin Creed? Know about his career

On September 4, 1986, Austin Watson was born in Columbus, Georgia, in the United States. When he was little, Xavier was a self-described “geek” and an ardent gamer. His preferred video game was “Sonic.” He performed pretty well in school. He attended and graduated from Georgia’s “Sprayberry High School” in 2004. In high school, he participated in cheerleading. He had once seen a live “WWE” show in his hometown, which greatly influenced his decision to pursue a career in wrestling. He had academic solid goals despite his desire to become a wrestler. He enrolled at “Furman University” in North Carolina after finishing high school and studied psychology and philosophy there. He had already begun wrestling part-time while in college, in a local organization called the “Ultimate Christian Wrestling.” After this, he worked for the “World Wrestling Council” in South Carolina, where he created his well-known persona, “Austin Creed,” based on a character named “Apollo Creed” from the movie “Rocky.”

Xavier Woods: 5 things you probably didn't know about him

Source: SportsKeeda

Austin Creed Relationship Rumour

Paige and Brad Maddox’s alleged backstage relationship has been the subject of speculations in the past, but Paige and Xavier Woods have never been linked to any such claims. What is the history of these two WWE superstars’ relationship? Here is what you should know. Many additional WWE personnel, including Paige, have appeared as guests on Xavier Woods’ video game YouTube program UpUpDownDown.

Paige played Beavis & Butt-Head on the SNES at her debut. She says these few things in the video that are ultimately edited out, and Woods claims that when all the bleeps are added, viewers won’t understand what they’re thinking about. Mark Henry and a few other WWE stars join them as they make jokes about having the ability to fart whenever they want.
Paige's Mother Threatens Legal Action Over Hacked Photos and Videos -

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Paige and Xavier Woods once played Twister together, as shown in another old YouTube video that is now receiving a lot of attention. This was created for a “WWE game night” video for the company’s YouTube channel and website. They participate in the game alongside Big E and John Cone, and Paige prevails when it comes down to Paige and Xavier Woods. Xavier Woods remarks, “This is familiar,” as Paige is bending down in front of him in the video. Although the remark is ignored since Big E is out of the game at that precise moment, they both giggle. Over the past several days, this video has received many more views, and scores of people have commented that they interpret everything Paige and Xavier Woods do and say.

Additionally, Paige and Xavier Woods shared the screen in a Smosh Games YouTube video from March 2015. Gang Beasts are played in the video by Xavier Woods, Paige, Seth Rollins, and Daniel Bryan. Seth Rollins appears to peek over in their direction and shake his head as Xavier playfully touches Paige’s shoulder at the start of the footage. It’s not entirely apparent what he is shaking his head in reaction to because a lot is going on in the video.

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