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Frankie Jonas Girlfriend Rambled Joe Jonas and his Ex Taylor Swift

Frankie Jonas Girlfriend Rambled Joe Jonas and his Ex Taylor Swift

Frankie Jonas and his girlfriend Anna Olsen were trolled for recreating a performance of brother Joe Jonas and his famous Ex Taylor Swift for Halloween. It seems that the two of them did not go anywhere else for inspiration. On Oct. 30 Frankie shared some Pics and videos of him with his girlfriend dressed up as Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift.

Frankie Jonas Hillarious Recreation of His Brother Joe and his Ex

The couple reenacts the song from the 2008 film ” Should have said no” and shared the clip of the video on Tik Tok captioning it “Fighting off the horny celibate teens as joe and Taylor from the 3d movie.” Frankie while coping with his elder brother wears black attire with a burning-up tee and Olsen wore a glittering silver mini-dress that resembles Swift’s dress which she wore for the guest’s appearance on the Jonas brothers tour.

He also on his Instagram post shared a close-up picture of two hands wearing captioning “matching purity rings” indicating his brother’s choice of jewelry in the early days of their Disney Channels career. While some fans did not like it and feels it is hilarious to make fun of his own brother. The Instagram post made by him was also liked by his father Paul Kevin Jonas.

Frankie Jonas and Girlfriend Anna Olsen Relationship Status

Frankie Jonas the youngest brother of the Jonas Brothers is currently dating Anna Olsen a well-known face on social media. The two of them were dating for a couple of months and supported each other through the highs and lows. She also appeared at the Jonas family’s huge opening gala for Nel on June 4, 2022, in Las Vegas.

Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift’s Dating History

Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift


Joe Jonas had a very brief affair with the ” Games of Thrones” actress Taylor Swift. The couple dated in 2008 from July to October and broke up on a 27-second phone call. Taylor in her addition to the song ” Forever and Always” which was a last-minute addition to her 2008 album “Fearless” reference their break up.

As for now both of them moved into their respective lives, Joe has been married to Sofie Turner in 2019 while Taylor has been dating actor Joe Alwyn for more than five years.

Frankie Jonas Biography and Personal Life

Frankie is an American Former child actor born on Sept 28, 2000. Frankie Jonas is the youngest son of Denise and Paul Kevin Jonas. He shared his childhood with his three elder brothers Kevin, Joe, and Nick. He is sometimes called the “Bonus Jonas” and “Biff” which the actor dislikes and felt hurt. In the 2009 film ” Ponyo”, he voiced Sosuke. He was also a recurring character in the series Jonas on Disney Channel. He made appearances on Married to Jonas which follows the life of his Brother Kelvin Jonas.

Frankie Jonas

Koi Moi

Frankie Jonas’s Net Worth As Per the Sources

Frankie Jonas like Jonas Brothers is also famous for his expertise in various talents. He is immensely popular on Tik Tok. He also recently hosted a show ” Claim to Fame”. His Net Worth is brought up by his hard work in his career. According to the sources Frankie’s Net Worth is estimated to be $ 20 million. 

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