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Is Netflix’s Drink Masters Scripted or Real?

Is Netflix's Drink Masters Scripted or Real?

Drink Master is the new hit show for all the food bingers to feel the drizzling cocktails through their streaming giant, Netflix. The show has received a lot of popularity for its premier trailer, which included one contestant serving poisonous drinks to the judges. Is it true, or is it just another exaggerated method of creating drama?

What is Drink Masters about?

Drink Masters
Drink Masters is the new Netflix series about cocktails that essentially focuses on bartending for liquor making. The show creates a tempting image of cocktails with the unique flavoring created by the contestants. The show is the new hit among food porn binge-watchers. The show is a competition among mixologists for the prize of $100,000. The setup includes a beautiful bar, a functioning kitchen, and posh decorations for a fitting cocktail atmosphere.

Drink Masters challenges:

Drink Masters challenges

Each episode comes up with unique challenges pushing contestants to create gut-punching drinks. The first episode’s challenge was making a margarita with each contestant’s personal touches. The challenges also include the creation of dessert drinks or complementing taste pairs or some roller coaster riding glasses. The contestants are given 90 minutes to complete the challenge. The contestants are stepping on stones in these 90 minutes by creating drinks with smokers and ingredients never heard of previously. One contestant, Alex, went a little further and added dry ice to his glass to create a smoking witch’s potion effect. Rather than getting impressed, the judges highlighted the dangers of drinking dry ice, which became a significant highlight of the show.

Drink Masters participants:

Drink Masters participants
Drink Masters has 12 mixologists who were carefully selected based on their skill sets. All of them were professionals with experience. Alex Velez is the contestant highlighted in the premier trailer of Drink Masters for serving the judges a drink with dry ice. Christian Suzuki-Orellana, Kabri Robinson, Kate Gerwin, Lauren Paylor, and Loyd Von Rose were the contestants whose personalities seemed to shine throughout the show. The following six were: Meredith Barry, Natalie Migliarini, Raj Shukla, Tao Zrafi, Michael Anderson, and Aisling Gammill. These geniuses were highlighted through their skillset in the overall show.

Drink Masters winner:

Drink Masters winner
Lauren managed to impress all the judges of the Drink Masters and received the title of the winner. Lauren’s determination towards the show soon subsided all the doubts the judges had against her. She made it to the end despite the pressure, and she did not back out. She collected herself right from episode two and faced all the challenges. Meanwhile, she kept enhancing her skills and learning from the other contestants. Her perfection and the judges were so impressed that the homegirl was directly transferred to the finale.
In the final episode, all three finalists were to make three unique drinks as a three-course meal companion. Lauren’s one drink was extra sweet, leaving a bitter aftertaste, while her two drinks were perfect. Lauren has then crowned the winner of the show.

Is Drink Masters scripted or real?

Drink Masters scripted or real
The show Drink Master is a reality series, and the chances of the show being scripted are improbable as the amount of drama and tension is relatively less than other popular cooking shows. The lack of drama and focus on originality was the intention of the creator team, Marblemedia. The show has focused more on the terminology and techniques of winemaking than the overall drama. Even the elimination moments were merely heartwarming scenes rather than melodramatic tearful. The show solely focused on the contestants, highlighting their personalities and showcasing their skills. The lack of drama was significant as the topic itself was very new and exciting because all had had drinks, but none had been behind the table and watched the winemaking. The show felt like a revelation of what’s behind the curtains.

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