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‘The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself’ Review, Ending Explained: Does It Succeed?

'The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself' Review, Ending Explained

Welcome to the Ending Explained for The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself, a new fantasy series were premiering this week on Netflix. The series follows young Nathan, who has been labeled as a dangerous man by the witches’ society since he is the son of a terrible criminal who murdered hundreds of witches in the past. Nathan’s father is on the run, and the witches are worried that Nathan may become into him. However, there is a risk that he will be his father’s only weapon against him.

Review of The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself

Sally Green wrote the novel “Half Bad,” which inspired the series. Those who have seen or read YA novels will recognize the notion and execution of the idea. We have a primary trio, like Harry Potter, and factions, similar to The Hunger Games, and so forth. On the other hand, the narrative of The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself stands out as being a little more edgy and gloomy than the others in the series. As a result, the program feels more threatening and current regarding how the audience perceives these stories.

Is Soul murdering Annalise for her power?

Is Soul murdering Annalise for her power


The show’s central conflict is around the struggle between the Fairborn Witches and the Blood Witches. Before the episode began, we were told that Nathan’s father, Marcus, had turned into a monster who ate the hearts of his adversaries to gain their powers. Marcus fought and killed numerous Fairborn until he vanished one day. He only reappeared after falling in love with Nathan’s mother, which resulted in Nathan’s birth. Fear of an impending battle has converted the Fairborn into some genuinely awful nice guys. Soul, one of the most powerful witches in the Fairborn council, is a prime illustration of this terror overtaking everything.

Does Nathan eventually murder his father?

A strong witch who could see into the future issued a prophecy years ago that said, “Its blood will slay the wolf.” The witches interpret this as Nathan murdering his father and ending Marcus’s reign of terror. However, as the story progresses, this situation appears increasingly implausible. Nathan has no intention of murdering his father. He only wishes to be left alone to spend his life with Gabriel and Annalise. Gabriel flees Mercury’s estate, knowing that his friends require assistance. Mercury is a strong Blood Witch with her plans. Gabriel was abandoned by his parents when he was a little lad.

What Happens At the End?

As the trio walks farther into the woods, Soul uses Bjorn’s influence to immobilize Gabriel and Annalise so he may confront Nathan directly. Nathan flees into the mist, knowing he can’t compete in a straight fight. But he’s deteriorating. That’s when he finally meets his father. Marcus (played by a terrifyingly dramatic David Gyasi) tells Nathan about murdering his mother’s husband, a Fairborn witch who died with a smile. Marcus discovered why when he took his heart – his power knew how and when he died. He had already accepted it before it happened.

The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself Ending Explained:

The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself Ending Explained


Marcus met Nathan’s mother and fell in love with her, and she reciprocated. He mistakenly believed departing would keep her and Nathan safe from the Fairborn Council. He has now witnessed his demise. Nathan has no fear as he presses a knife to his throat since he knows he will not die today. Nathan receives his blood and three presents from him. The first is his personal life. The second is his mother’s final words to Marcus about how she was unafraid of what their son might become. His last gift is the opportunity for Nathan to discover who he truly is. To revenge his mother and grandma, he must slay Soul.

What’s the problem with the Blood Witches and the Fairborn?

In terms of rivalry in shows like these, they are two warring clans whose peace talks are shattered when the Blood Witches retaliate against the Fairborn after years of being on the receiving end of losing their loved ones. Wolfhagen witnesses a massacre led by Nathan’s father, Marcus. Thus begins Marcus’ vengeance on those who harmed his kind, as they wipe out the Fairborn for methodically eliminating the Blood Witches due to their powers and because they are different from them. It’s a classic story about the social class system, but with magic.

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