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Pokemon Journeys Episode 131 Release Date, Where to Watch, and Spoilers

Pokemon Journeys Episode 131 Release Date

After years of watching Ash’s exploits, the Pokemon franchise decided to shake things up with the Pokémon Journeys series. And it was a formula that proved to be a massive hit with the audience. Ash’s adventures with Goh are followed worldwide, and the franchise has generated yet another installment in the popular anime series with this edition. While waiting for new episodes, we’ve decided to cover the upcoming Episode 131 Pokémon Journeys series, which will be released on November 4, 2022.

The release date for Pokemon Journeys Episode 131:

According to what we know, for now, Episode 131 of Pokémon Journeys will be released on November 4, 2022. The title of the episode known at the time will be “The Finals III: ‘The Strongest.” On October 28, 2022, the preceding episode aired. There are no proper release times for you because it still doesn’t have a Netflix release date and isn’t simulcast in the West.

Trailer and spoilers for Pokemon Journeys Episode 131:

A small preview video for the upcoming episode is usually released at the end of each anime episode. These videos will be made available online soon, and as soon as they do, we will include preview trailers with spoilers on this page. The teaser trailer has not yet been made available online.

What Can We Expect From Pokemon Journeys Episode 131?

As we prepare for the Pokémon Journeys, we can see what happened in the previous episode: Goh and Cinderace return to the bun store in the Galar region where they first met, and Cinderace decides to visit another old friend – Nick. Cinderace and Nickit were old friends who had known each other when she was a Scorbunny. However, times have changed, and Nickits are no longer the local outcasts; on the contrary, they have gained popularity among the locals. Galarian Meowth’s troops will soon try to catch the two Pokémon off guard, so they won’t be able to enjoy each other’s company for long.

Where can I find Pokemon Journeys Episode 131?

In the West, Netflix is the only site where you can watch Pokemon Journeys regularly. While the show is still routinely broadcast in Japan, it is only available in the West on Netflix. The problem with the series is that Netflix is not simulcasting it but instead releasing episodes in batches months after the original Japanese debut. This implies we’ll have to wait till after the Japanese debut to watch the episode.

Pokemon Journeys spoilers:

There will be a lot of filler in Pokemon Journeys, but the main thing is in the World Coronation Series. Ash will defeat Steven and Cynthia to go to the finals, where he will face Leon. Cynthia, too, intends to retire after this event. Unfortunately, Ash’s fight with Leon hasn’t yet occurred in the Japanese dub, so anime fans can’t receive any spoilers on that front. Leon, on the other hand, easily overcomes Diantha to get to the finals. Goh will keep looking for Mew and capturing other Pokémon along the way. The plot’s outcome, like the final battle in the World Coronation Series, had not yet aired in Japan when this article was written.

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