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Where is Drink Masters Finalist Tao Zrafi Now?

Tao Zafri

Drink Masters is a show for all the cocktail fanatics and all the alchemists who are into making magic potions, as the show is all about winemaking which has both taste and elegance. The show is for the mixologist who has a burning passion for a refined taste of wine. Tao Zrafi was the third runner-up in the show. What is he doing now? Is he still into wine, or did he lose his passion after losing the show?

Tao Zrafi’s accomplishments:

Tao Zafri's accomplishment
Tao began his career journey very early. He first wished to be an interior designer and shifted from Tunisia to Canada at 20. He started earning a living by working at a bar as a bartender. It is ironic how Tao never touched any alcohol until he was 23. He quickly fell in love with mixology and discovered his passion for bartending. He then began to pursue his career as a sommelier.
Tao has a passion for traveling the world and would love to experiment with his crafting art across the world while learning from other cultures. His curiosity for discoveries led him to run his Funk Populaire bar, where he only serves ‘Weird Things.

Tao Zrafi in Drink Masters:

Tao Zafri in Drinking Master

When he participated in Drink Masters, Tao shared his experience and the high expectations he had for himself. Tao was not at the bottom in any episode, but he could not impress all the judges. He, however, presented constant drinks of high quality and managed to reach the finale.
In the finale, the contestants were to prepare a three-course menu of standout personal cocktails that would impress the judges. Tao created the drinks with his personal touches and a fair amount of risk. One of the cocktails he served was named a Night in Tunisia. Unfortunately, his glasses failed to get him the title of the winner. He became the third-runner of the Drink Masters.

Tao Zrafi Now:

Tao Zafri now
According to the media spotters, Tao has been working in various bars of his own in Canada and the United States and has participated in plenty of competitions to improve his skills in winemaking. Soon, he began to create a name for himself in the wine industry, and he was also featured in publications. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when all the bars and restaurants were shut down, Tao did not accept giving up on his dreams and began working as a wine industry consultant. He prepared pop-up kiosks as soon as the quarantine rules were partially lifted. Currently, Tao works as a self-claimed Genderless Fashion Icon, living in Montreal, Canada.

Tao Zrafi favorites:

Tao Zafri's favorites
Zrafi’s favorite spirit is Amari, an Italian liqueur commonly bitter-sweet with around 16 to 40 percent alcohol. Tao’s favorite juice is salted watermelon which he uses in many popular drinks like Anguria Cooler. His favorite classic cocktail is Hanky Panky which has a sweet gin martini balanced bitter and sweet flavor. The favorite part of their job for Tao is meeting tourists who are visiting the cities of his bars. Tao’s favorite after-work drink is Juicy IPAs which is short for Indian Pale Ale. Tao’s favorite at-home drink is Daiquiri, an IBA cocktail made of rum that contains around 20% alcohol. Tao’s favorite bar in the world is Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, located in Rome.

Tao Zrafi’s popular recipes:

Tao Zafri's popular recipes
The top three drinks created by Tao Zrafi are categorized into three levels: easy, intermediate, and expert. The first and easiest is called Ibiza Tonic, made of Grapefruit rosemary gin with almond syrup, tonic water, and Mezcal. The second one is called Anguria Cooler, made from watermelon, Hibiscus soda, Chinese Campari, and tomato juice with Vermouth as the main ingredient. The third is the Monkey Punch, made from ginger beer, legendary white rum, banana miso milk punch, miso paste, banana liqueur, and green tea.

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