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When did House of Dragon set up in Everyone’s favorite “Games of Thrones “: Explained by Games of throne timeline

When did House of Dragon set up in Everyone's favorite _Games of Thrones __
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It was said that in a time when everything is of power, whosoever has power, everything comes under that in medieval realism. The whole story of Games of the throne was surrounded By all the details that occurred in that era, which created a fantastic world for all the fans. But the question is, When did the Game of Thrones take place? The era happened for a very long time. So we cannot exactly relate to Games of the throne. “Game of Thrones” takes place in 297 AC and a few episodes of Daenerys. The event also begins in 298 AC. 

The Game of Thrones became the fantasy in everyone’s hearts and was called Westeros, which is of high medieval Europe. This was all captured culturally. The period was sometimes settled in the Middle age, before the commission of the Renaissance era, if the overall style of that time was in the 16th century. 

When did the Game of Thrones begin? In which era did Game of Thrones take place?

An important factor about the Games of the throne is that it was not set on Earth; it was made in a different era and place, any person who does not truly exist on their own. This was the leading evidence of the presence of a Dragon and the appearance of any magic. 

There are many details which give us all the information about their dressing style that was worn before the Renaissance era. Also, if we talk about buildings, Neoclassical architecture is used, which includes Gothic and Roman architecture in Cathedral and buildings. The series has big places, including palaces, castles and armor, which were most popular before the Renaissance era. 

One more concept was added: bureaucracy and monasteries were established. It would be very different for all the people watching it, which arouses a keen interest towards Game of thrones.

How many years does Game of Thrones take place?

It is difficult to calculate or track the time as it became very tricky in Games of the throne. A certain change in time can change the whole world of that era, a time in which the character does behave like that era. It is very hard to specify exactly when Game Of Thrones takes place and how many years it takes. 

Due to rapid changes in aging, it is very hard to keep your face on the clock. But the plus point is that there is certain evidence that can be used to identify the timeline, like by getting into everything, which includes war, pregnancy and birth; all these give a certain idea to today’s generation about their time.

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