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“ Daniel Spellbound” Ending Breakdown: Is Daniel Able To Save Magic From The Dark Mage?

Is Daniel Able To Save Magic From The Dark Mage

This week, Netflix will release a new animated series. Matthew Fernandes and Alan Gregg devised the series. It chronicles the narrative of Daniel, an ordinary human with solid ties to magic. Daniel is a tracker, which means he can locate rigid components that the magical people require for potions, delicacies, and other items. He subsequently teams up with a pig, Hoagie, and Lucy to uncover a plan that threatens the world of magic.

About the Series: “ Daniel Spellbound”

The series is intended for children, but happily, the writers know how to tell a captivating story, even if they try to reduce a lot of storylines and history as much as possible. The animation is of high quality. Of course, they cannot compete with shows with larger budgets and shorter turnaround times, such as Arcane. Still, it is far above average with fluid animations and outstanding character design. The show appears to be an excellent starting place for children interested in fantasy and magic.

Who Is Daniel Spellbound’s Dark Mage?

Who Is Daniel Spellbound's Dark Mage


What starts as Daniel seeks a flower called the Fugu Rose becomes quite the adventure. One in which Daniel encounters both comrades and opponents. Daniel’s link to the world of magic is established early on to be genuine to his father, an influential academic. Daniel is now alone, but he has made allies. Hoagie, a magical pig with the ability to talk and a keen sense of smell, is one of them, as is Lucy, a dowser who serves as the world’s magic police.

The adventurers start to puzzle together all the mysteries:

As our heroes begin to piece together the mystery surrounding the Black Mage, they come upon an essential magical artifact known as Gryphon’s egg. The egg is one of the final materials required for a spell that has the potential to steal magic from all supernatural beings in the world. Daniel, Hoagie, and Lucy have been tasked with protecting the egg from the Dark Mage. However, a shadowy organization known as The Alchemist, whom Daniel mistook were their adversaries, may not be.

Is Daniel Able To Save Magic From The Dark Mage?

Lucy secures the egg and takes it to the Bureau before splitting up with Daniel and Hoagie. However, when Primus arrives to receive her and the egg, she begins to act strangely. The Primus starts to show her true intentions with the egg in hand. Lucy understands Primus is the true foe. Lucy is hurt because Primus was the reason she became a dowser for the Bureau in the first place. The Primus is unconcerned and unleashes her attack in the form of the Black Mage.

Everyone Getting Ready for Attack:

Everyone Getting Ready for Attack


Meanwhile, Daniel and Hoagie prepare to visit the Bureau. Viktor and his soldiers are preparing to mount a final assault on the Primus. They argue about the nature of freedom. Viktor believes magic should be open to everybody, including deadly substances like the egg. Meanwhile, Daniel argues in actuality, Viktor, like many others, including the Primus, craves power. They set aside their dispute and proceeded to the Bureau. The alchemist, Viktor, Primus, and Daniel compete for the egg at the Bureau. Daniel bargains for the egg for Lucy’s life in a desperate move, and Primus completes the magic.

The spell begins to drain the magical energy of all supernatural beings. However, Daniel and Lucy tainted the egg, and Primus can now not control the magic. She is absorbing all of the city’s magical power at once. She is incapable of handling such authority. Finally, Daniel returns the magical energy to everyone and saves the day. However, the episode concludes with Daniel fleeing the tracker’s guild. Something happened, and Daniel was dismissed from the guild, and now every tracker in town is looking for him.

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