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Married At First Sight Season 15 Decision Day SPOILERS: With Whom does the Couples End Up

Married At First Sight Season 15 Decision Day SPOILERS

After three months of intense and emotional events, Married at First Sight season 15 has officially completed, which means it’s time to disclose whether the five couples agreed to stay together or divorce on Decision Day. Since the first season of MAFS aired in 2014, dozens of “blind weddings” have been arranged, and while Jamie Otis Hehner and Doug Hehner have remained the series’ most enormous success story, most pairings do not work out. Even though each pair is handpicked for marriage by the MAFS relationship specialists, incompatibility is common, and just 13 out of 54 couples are still married as of October 2022.

Stay Married, Stacia Karcher and Nate Barnes

Stay Married, Stacia Karcher and Nate Barnes


Although Stacia and Nate were physically compatible and even received matching tattoos, Stacia’s trust issues and Nate’s communication abilities were their main problems during MAFS season 15. Despite their rocky start, Stacia and Nate repeatedly committed to improving their marriage. The couple decided on Decision Day that they wanted to continue together after MAFS.

Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago: Stay Together

Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago Stay Together


Lindy and Miguel were the early frontrunners of MAFS season 15, so it’s no surprise they chose to stay together on Decision Day. Despite their disagreements over Miguel’s anxieties and Miguel’s annoyance with Lindy’s distractibility, MAFS fans liked it when the couple let their hair down and played Miguel’s favorite game, Dungeons & Dragons.

Alexis Mitchell and Justin Hall Divorced:

Alexis Mitchell and Justin Hall Divorced


Throughout MAFS season 15, Alexis and Justin handled issues well, although while Alexis was initially a fan favorite, most viewers believed that Justin was more involved in their marriage. As the episode progressed, Alexis was chastised for interfering in other people’s relationships, while Justin lacked critical self-awareness. On Decision Day, Justin and Alexis agreed to stay married despite their shortcomings. However, the couple’s subsequent argument revealed that Alexis had second thoughts. After a second argument that evening, she changed her mind and proclaimed her intention to divorce Justin.

Binh Trinh and Morgan Bell: Separated Before Decision Day

Binh Trinh and Morgan Bell Separated Before Decision Day


When Morgan and Binh agreed to divorce halfway through the experiment, they became the Allyssa Ellman and Chris Collette of MAFS season 14. Morgan and Binh’s marriage got rocky when their wedding was postponed due to COVID, and the couple never really got off to a good start. Morgan and Binh did not reconcile after their first fight on their honeymoon, and as time passed, people critiqued her anger issues, and Binh’s claimed statements about Morgan to Justin. On Married at First Sight season 15, only two couples made it to “the other side,” however it’s unclear how long they’ll stay together.

Get Divorced, Krysten Collins and Mitch Silverstein:

Get Divorced, Krysten Collins and Mitch Silverstein


Although many expected Lindy and Miguel to reconcile by the end of MAFS season 15, they did not expect Krysten and Mitch to split up. While fans thought Krysten was a lovely wife, Mitch was frequently chastised for being immature, self-centered, and generally unsuitable for marriage. Unfortunately, Krysten and Mitch’s apparent incompatibility coincided with their first appearances on MAFS season 15. Krysten and Mitch agreed to split peacefully on Decision Day.

While MAFS season 14 has its share of issues, MAFS season 15 has received widespread criticism from both viewers and critics. Many fans think that most of the five couples on MAFS season 15 are unlikeable, and many claims that the experts did not have the cast members’ best interests in mind. Even though the most recent season was deemed unwatchable, people continued to speculate on which couples would make it past Decision Day and which would call it quits.

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