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Find out: Where is “The Good Nurse” Amy Loughren Now?

Where is “The Good Nurse” Amy Loughren Now

‘The Good Nurse,’ while focusing on serial killer Charles Cullen, could easily have been another frightening true-crime drama, takes an entirely different route to communicate its poignant message. After all, this Netflix original focuses on the woman responsible for his fear – his close friend and the genuine hero of the story, Amy Loughren. So, if you want to discover more about this nurse — specifically, her complicated role in the situation and her present standing – we’ve got the information for you.

Who is Amy Loughren?

Who is Amy Loughren


Amy Loughren initially met Charles as a fellow night-shift ICU nurse at Somerset Medical Center (now RWJ University Hospital Somerset) in Somerville, New Jersey, in 2003. “He was amusing,” the single mother of two admitted openly to People, adding that she looked forward to working alongside him because they “connected immediately away and became friends.” In truth, the latter not only assisted her in concealing her cardiomyopathy from their employers for fear of losing her career, but he also assisted her at home with her girls, as depicted in the film.

Amy Loughren Faced An Incident:

Amy Loughren Faced An Incident


Everything changed, however, when two local homicide detectives arrived at the hospital to investigate aberrant lab data in conjunction with the strange deaths of many patients. They were only doing a routine interview with Amy at first, but after noticing her tremendous strength and brilliance, they decided to trust their instincts and suspect her companion. She didn’t want to believe Charles, or Charlie as she called him, could be such a vile monster, but the pharmaceutical order slips were unmistakable – she knew she had to help stop him.

Amy Loughren Analyzed the Situation:

Amy Loughren Analyzed the Situation


Amy did contact her oldest daughter Alex before making her decision, however, because she recognized that one wrong step might imperil all of their lives. “I told her, ‘Our life might drastically alter,'” she recently told People Magazine in an open account. I’m not sure I can do this to you.’ ‘Mom, he’s murdering people,’ Alex added. As a result, Amy decided to wear a wire and meet Charles at a restaurant on December 12, 2003, where she confronted him after exchanging pleasantries to prove she was still his friend.

Amy saw the murderer inside him for the first time when he “sat straight up.” His eyes had changed color. Amy was afraid and had no idea how her heart would react to whatever happened. She remained determined, though, because it was innocent patients who had died. As a result, following his arrest the same day, she also played a critical part in convincing him to confess. However, it’s important to note her name remained a mystery until 2013 until the publishing of Charles Graeber’s eponymous book ‘The Good Nurse.’

Where is Amy Loughren Now?

Amy has never shied away from referring to Charles as his buddy because of their intimate connection, but she has also never minimized the gravity of his acts. Her tale is thus one of compassion, understanding, empathy, and morals, which is why she tried to stay in touch with him even after he admitted to killing 29-40 people. “When he found out I was working for the New Jersey Crown Prosecution, that was the last time he replied to my letters,” the nurse claimed exclusively to Glamour Magazine. “I’d seen him in prison dozens of times before then.” Regarding her current location, Amy appears to be living a happy, healthy, and stable life in Deland, Florida, with her two children and their respective families.

Amy Loughren was fortunate to obtain the heart surgery she required in the mid-2000s and has since expanded her horizons as both a professional nurse and a spiritual/energy healer. According to her website, Amy currently dabbles in integrative energy healing, past-life regression, Reiki healing, crystal language reading, medical intuition, hypnosis, and Reconnective healing. The 57-year-old appears to be satisfied, which is all that matters.

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