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Find Out Here: Where is Drink Masters Winner Lauren Paylor Now?

Where is Drink Masters Winner Lauren Paylor Now

‘Drink Masters,’ a Netflix reality present, brings together a group of bartenders and mixologists from the United States and Canada before putting them in opposition to one another in a series of challenges. Each episode’s challenges become more complex, and the person fails to meet the rivals. Finally, the top three competitors in the finale for a significant cash award and the coveted title of Drink Master. Season 1 of ‘Drink Masters’ bartender and mixologist Lauren Paylor, also known as LP. At the same time, fans are eager to learn more about her. Let’s find out where LP is right now, shall we?

Who is Lauren Paylor?

Lauren Paylor has had a long and illustrious career. She has worked as a Beverage Director, Spirits Judge, R&D Production Chef, and Beverage Consultant. She has also received several accolades for her services and has several notable magazines. She is the owner of the company LP Drinks Co., a Safe Bars Trainer, and the Speed Rack social media coordinator. Lauren Paylor O’Brien was named to the Wine Enthusiast 2021 list, the Global Bar 100 Industry People To Know 2021/2022 list, and the Dame Hall of Fame 2021.

Journey of Lauren Paylor in Drink Masters:

Lauren Paylor, or LP, is a New York who was 29 years old when filming. LP stated on the show that she was always interested in math and science as a child. As a result, she readily shifted into the kitchen as she grew older, as it included linked measures and computations. LP carefully lays out a cocktail on paper and quantifies each ingredient before mixing it. Furthermore, LP stated that she felt more at ease in the kitchen because she spent most of her time there working as an R&D manufacturing chef.

Lauren Paylor’s Safe Game:

Unfortunately, her start on ‘Drink Masters’ was prolonged because the judges thought she was playing it safe in the first episode. As a result, motivated to reach the top, LP went on to be crowned the second downside. Furthermore, she kept honing her skills, eventually leading her gang, which included Tao Zrafi and Loyd von Rose, to victory in episode 6. Although not much is known about LP’s adolescence, she was pretty close to her relatives and has kept a close link collectively with her family.

Lauren Paylor’s Plays With Master Mind:

While on the current, she was rather kind and quickly built close friendships with most of her co-participants. However, she did not allow anything to distract her at work, and the judges were struck by her quest for perfection. Finally, in episode 9, LP and Kate Gerwin made it to the finals without an elimination test when she faced the career challenge. Nonetheless, the 29-year-old kept her calm and, through her inventions, earned her the title of Drink Master.

Where is “Drink Masters” Winner Lauren Paylor Now?

She was in Washington, DC. Although she was an R&D Production Chef at Riggs, Washington DC, when filming, she now owns and controls Focus On Health, a company she helped co-found in 2020. LP, formerly a Social Media Coordinator at Speed Rack, left the firm in September 2022. Furthermore, the ‘Drink Masters’ winner is usually a member of the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation’s Committee for Racial Justice in Hospitality Fund. We are pleased to report that LP married in August of 2022, and while she now goes by the name Lauren O’Brien, we would like her to return in the future.

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