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Why Did Emmerdale star Isobel Steele Quits the Show?

Isobel Steele

Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary brought a heavy punch to fans as fan-favorite character Liv Dingle was killed off. Fans may have been surprised, especially since Liv has been through so much and is such a famous character. As it turns out, the decision was taken by actress Isobel Steele over a year ago. Steele told The Mirror, “I originally told the producers I wanted to depart in September 2021.”

Who is Isobel Steele?

Who is Isobel Steele

Isobel Victoria Steele is an English actress best known for playing Liv Flaherty in Emmerdale from February 2016 until October 2022. She has been nominated and won several awards for her portrayal of Liv, including a nomination for the British Soap Award for Best Newcomer in 2016 and winning the Best Young Actor award at both the British Soap Awards and the Inside Soap Awards. Steele’s YouTube account also has original and cover music. Steele released an extended play, Sounds from the Lounge, in November 2019. Steele confirmed her plan to quit Emmerdale in October 2022 to focus on her music career.

Isobel Steele Told That She Exits:

Isobel Steele Told That She Exits


“I started when I was 15.” I knew I didn’t want to remain forever, and you had to make that decision at some point. It felt like the proper moment to move on last September, and I wanted to allow the producers a year to come up with a wonderful goodbye for Liv. You take a risk as an actress by deciding to go. “As a result, when they called me in April to tell me Liv had been murdered in a storm, I had conflicting thoughts.” I was pleased because it meant I’d be a part of the 50th-anniversary celebrations with a big plot, but I also realized it meant I’d never come back.”

Emmerdale Storyline Might Shock you:

Emmerdale Storyline Might Shock you

Steele stated that while the plot may be shocking, young people do die unexpectedly and their loved ones are thrust into the grieving process, which can be extremely tough. “I am quite happy about how we filmed these heartbreaking sequences, and they are some of the greatest I have ever been part of on the serial,” she continued. “It felt real, like if I were dying and bidding my final farewells. I was very distraught since I knew I was leaving for good. I didn’t need to pretend to cry because I was already crying. We were all overcome with emotion.” The villagers will strive to rebuild and return to normalcy in the immediate aftermath of the storm, but there will still be plenty more drama to come.

Isobel Steele Gives a Message to Her Fans:

Isobel Steele Gives a Message to Her Fans

Fans of Emmerdale watched Isobel Steele enjoy poignant final scenes with family members Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) and Vinny Dingle. Emmerdale released an interview with Isobel in which everything was going well until she was cheekily interrupted by co-star Bradley. “Hey everyone, I suppose you’ve now watched the episode where Liv died,” Isobel, 21, said. I hope that moved you to tears. When I read it, I cried. “It’s been a delight and the best seven years of my life.” It’s all been worthwhile because of you. Thank you a lot.”

Following the death of her character Liv Flaherty, Emmerdale star Isobel Steele had an embarrassing time trying to say goodbye to fans. After Liv died tonight, admirers rushed to the tissues. The character died as part of Emmerdale’s 50th-anniversary plot after being crushed by a caravan while pushing their husband Vinny Dingle to safety in the village’s storm. While Vinny managed to free himself, Liv was crushed by the truck. Emmerdale locals vacated the roads as ambulances arrived, as Liv’s family awaited word on her condition. Unfortunately, paramedics could do nothing but make her comfortable.

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