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Is Joe Weller Missing? Where is Joe Weller Now?

Is Joe Weller Missing

Joe Weller is the ideal example of a talented, attractive person. He is well-known for his football frenzy videos, vlogs, and music videos. Thanks to YouTube, he is now so famous that people nearly always recognize him! His “World Cup Song” video has received more than 15 million views. He may be seen in the video rapping freely while striking a striking resemblance to legendary football players. People of all ages have been watching his videos because of his FIFA and sports-related material. He refers to his followers as “The Buxton Army,” and 4.1 million people subscribe to his channel, “nuevafilms,” which is now called “Joe Weller.”

Additionally, he has a large following on Instagram, where he has 2 million followers that follow him and his life through photos. He has 896K followers on Twitter and loves to tweet. He also proudly runs his own apparel business, which has been doing well.

Career and Stardom

He enjoyed making films throughout his time in school and made his first one, “How to be a warrior guy,” which he subsequently uploaded. He first discovered short films through YouTube videos. As a result, he created his first short film, titled “The Jacket,” which focused on cloning and teleportation. He enjoyed producing videos, but he didn’t immediately attract many viewers when he first launched his own YouTube channel. He posted his first video under the heading “New Channel- Tutorial and Torres.” His career was established with a video titled “How to be KSI,” which allowed him to amass over 4K subscribers. Despite his negative feedback, he persisted and published his debut song, “The Holy One,” around the 2013 FIFA World Cup. It was seen many times. He then pursued media studies and filmmaking in college. He kept sharing hilarious music and vlog videos in addition to sports videos, particularly football-related ones. Over time, he gained a lot of popularity and, after graduating, devoted himself entirely to YouTube since filming videos brought him great joy. He introduced a clothing line under the moniker “Legitimate” made from natural, high-quality fabric.

Reports of him Missing

YouTubers Elliot Crawford and Joe Weller shared a photo they took in the air on September 28, 2022. He said their trip to the Amazon rain jungle would last 12 days. The journey is a part of a brand-new YouTube series that will document Joe and Elliot’s forays into the Amazon and showcase their survival skills. “Today, I’m heading to the Amazon rainforest to record my 12-day survival for our upcoming YouTube series. Joe said on Instagram, “Slide along and see if there are any more occupants. The YouTuber stated that although there wouldn’t be a phone signal, he would be back online by October 13. However, fans are concerned because Joe was supposed to give an update a week ago. News organisations have contacted Joe Weller’s management.

What happened to Joe Weller? Fans worry YouTuber is missing or dead after Amazon Rainforest trip

Source Credit: SportsKeeda

Many fans are concerned for Joe and Elliot’s well-being since they haven’t posted anything since late September. Pray for @joeweller, who has been lost in the Amazon rainforest for 21 days, one fan said in a tweet. His trip was only supposed to last 12 days. “Joe Weller better is okay,” another Twitter user said. Another fan said, “Let’s all pray (Joe Weller) will return and that nothing terrible happens to him. “Please provide us with an update on the Joe Weller issue. This is concerning.

Alive” - UK YouTuber Joe Weller gives update after going missing for 3 weeks after Amazon rainforest trip

Source Credit: Sportskeeda

On Twitter and Instagram, the English social media celebrity shared updates on his travels. He and fellow YouTuber Elliot Crawford planned the journey for a unique series. Several people have voiced worry even though they haven’t heard from the YouTuber in more than two weeks. Twelve days were allotted for the trip, but as Keemstar observes below, more than twenty-one days have elapsed since anybody has heard from Joe.

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