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Who is Coolen Rooney Husband? Coolen Rooney Relationship with Wayne Rooney

Coolen Rooney Husband

Coleen Rooney is a well-known English fashion icon, author, celebrity columnist, and philanthropist best known as the spouse of renowned England player Wayne Rooney. She has benefited from the spotlight since she was a teen because of her connection to the athlete. She has changed during those years to become one of the country’s most renowned fashion icons, yet she is still seen as the girl next door. She has become well-known for hosting her own television program, “Coleen’s Real Women.” She wrote the column “Welcome to My World” while working as a columnist for the celebrity magazine “Closer” for a short while. In addition, she published the best-selling training DVD “Coleen McLoughlin’s Brand New Body Workout” and the lifestyle guide “Coleen: Welcome to My World.” She has said that she appreciates being a full-time mother to her three boys. Recently, after her spouse was detained for driving under the influence while with another lady, newspapers started to cover her obsessively.

Coolen Rooney Early Life

Coleen Mary McLoughlin was born in Liverpool, Merseyside, on April 3, 1986, and she spent her childhood there in the Croxteth neighborhood. Tony McLoughlin, her father, was a bricklayer who also managed a boxing club. She had two brothers, Joe and Anthony, as well as an adopted sister named Rosie. She was the oldest of her parents four children. Her sister, who had Rett syndrome and was unable to walk or communicate, passed away on January 5, 2013, just a few months shy of turning 15. She attended St. John Bosco Arts College, a catholic secondary school where she worked as the deputy’s head. She was a stellar student who finished with 10 GCSEs, including an A* in performing arts.

Rise to Stardom

Coleen Rooney has avoided the spotlight ever since Wayne Rooney, at 17 years old, proposed to her in October 2003. But it’s interesting to see her development from the young fiancée of the England football hero to a fashion icon and a celebrity in her own right. Coleen spent her Saturdays working at a clothing store when she was in school and was not much of a fashionista when she was younger. The media frequently criticized her bland fashion choices even when she was a teenager. She eventually created her own fashion sense, frequently fusing couture pieces with restrained high-street purchases, and went on to grace the pages of publications like “Vogue” and “Marie Claire,” but only after four years of being in the media limelight. She also secured a noteworthy contract for a marketing campaign for the George at Asda clothesline.

Coleen Rooney not allowed to bring case against Rebekah Vardy's agent - BBC News

Source Credit: BBC

Coolen Rooney’s Relationship with Wayne Rooney

Although Coleen and Wayne Rooney have been together for 19 years, there have been some difficulties along the way. After meeting when Coleen was just 12 years old in the Liverpool district of Croxteth, the couple was married in June 2008. After leaving school at age 16, they began to go out. Coleen started showing up frequently to Wayne’s football games. When he first joined Manchester United from Everton at age 17 and began representing England, she supported him throughout his early career.

Coleen Rooney on baby number five with husband Wayne Rooney | HELLO!

Source Credit: Hello Magazine

During their relationship, the couple encountered controversy. The Sunday Mirror revealed in 2004 that adolescent Rooney had spent £140 for sex with then-21-year-old prostitute Charlotte Glover and given her his autograph as a “memory.”There are four kids for the couple. In November 2009, Coleen gave birth to Kai Rooney, their first child. Klay Anthony, their second child, was born in May 2013, and Kit, their third son, was born in January 2016. In February 2018, Cass, their fourth child, was born.

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