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Andor episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

Andor episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

Andor is an American television series made by Tony Gilroy on Disney+ as a prequel to the Star Wars spin-off movie Rogue one, released in 2016. The series has about 12 episodes and was released on Disney+ on September 21, 2022. The most recently released episode is episode 7 on October 19, 2022.

Andor plot:

Andor plot
The plot of Andor is set in an era that involves danger and deception of all kinds. The main character Cassian begins his journey, which is meant to transform into a Rebel. The series explores the Star Wars galaxy with the tale of rebels of the Empire.

Andor episode 1 recap:

Andor episode 1
The series begins five years before the Battle of Yavin, where Cassian Andor travels to Morlana One to find his sister. He reaches a brothel, where he meets two security officers, fighting them off. Cassian runs off to Ferrix, where he takes the help of mother Maarva’s droid, B2EMO, and his friend, Brasso, to hide his identity. The murdered officer of Morlana One is investigated by Syril Karn, who traces Cassian’s history till his childhood in Kenari. Cassian’s friend Bix’s boyfriend reports Cassian to Karn, who has issued a warrant for his arrest. B2EMO informs Cassian and Maarva about the warrant. Cassian leaves the planet he was residing in at the moment to avoid getting arrested. Again we get to see the childhood Cassian, called Kassa, and how he separates from his sister.

Andor characters and cast:

Andor cast
Cassian Andor is a thief from planet Kenari which was destroyed due to the Galactic Empire’s mining project. Cassian is a cynic who is depicted as a passionate person to save the galaxy in Rogue one, and it’s his journey from cynic to passionate. The Mexican actor Diego Luna plays the character. Syril Karn is the deputy inspector of Morlana One, who investigates the murder of two Pre-Mor security officers. The character is dutiful and earnest about his work, played by Kyle Soller. Bix Caleen is a black-market dealer who is a friend of Andor and is played by Andria Arjona. Another friend of Andor is Brasso, who Joplin Sibtain plays. James McArdle plays Bix’s boyfriend and co-worker, Timm Karlo. Karn’s Pre-Mor superior officer is Chief Hyne, who Rupert Vansittart plays.

Andor season 2:

Andor season 2
Production of Andor season 1 was expected to finish by mid-2021 and has been by September 27. The second season is to begin filming by the November of 2022 and end by August 2023, as mentioned by Gilroy on Disney+’s TCA. . Fans expecting Andor’s story to be fully revealed may have to wait for almost two years for Season 2 to be released. Gilroy mentioned in his interview that the earliest possible release of season 2 is close to 2024. Andor season 1 has 12 episodes, and season 2 is expected to have the same number of episodes.

Andor Episode 7 recap:

Andor episode 7
The latest released episode is episode 7. Cassian leaves the Rebels in ‘The Eye’ to return home to Ferrix and take care of the unfinished business. Bix and Maarva do not welcome this homecoming as they wish him to disperse. The Empire has taken hold of the planet with a firmer grip, and the town blames Cassian for this. The presence of Stormtroopers on Ferrix reminds Cassian of the murder of Maarva’s husband by the Stormtroopers. Cassian tries to get Maarva to leave Ferrix with him, but she wishes to stay and stand against the Imperial presence.
On Coruscant, Karn began his life with a new job at the Bureau of Standards. With ISB gaining more surveillance and authority, Meero is tackling Brevin for accessing data on theft from Imperial installations. Rael’s assistant Kleya Marki meets with Vel on Coruscant and commands the assassination of Cassian to hide Rael’s s identity. Mon Mothma meets Kolma at a dinner party, her old friend who works in a bank.
The episode ends with Cassian leaving Ferrix and reaching the tropical tourist paradise of Niamos. During his exploration of the place, he gets arrested for a minor offense and sentenced to six years imprisonment.

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