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Who is James ford? What Happened to James ford?

James Ford (1)

James Ford is a $ex predator who abused a child under 13-year-old for almost two years. He was a policeman supposed to protect and not commit such a heinous crime.

What did James Ford do?

James Ford
James Ford was a Police officer suspended in November 2021 from Hertfordshire. James Ford first joined the Hertfordshire Police in 2019 and became a uniformed response officer in the east of the county. He is currently serving a jail term as he $exually assaulted a child and ten more counts of $exual abuse against the child.
The offense began in late 2019 and was finally found in late 2021. The predator of a police officer was also caught as he was wiping off his traces by resetting his phone. The 31-year-old belonging to Bishop’s Stortford is set to be sentenced on 21st October 2022. The police officer denied the offenses through his defendant. As the Cambridge Crown Court announced their verdict, Ford dropped his head and broke down in tears.

What does James Ford think about the case?

James Ford on the case
Ford was asked in a police interview about his dramatic reaction to the allegations, to which he replied that he was upset and cried. The case was investigated by Cambridgeshire police’s child abuse investigation and safeguarding unit (CAISU). Prosecutor Isobel Asherson said that James initially told the police that he ‘accidentally’ reset his phone. Later, James’ answer changed to him resetting his phone because he was having an affair with some woman. Detective Constable Mark Williamson handled this case, and he informed that Ford had shown no remorse whatsoever for his deeds, and it’s thanks to the victim the Jury could see beyond all his lies.

James Ford’s victim:

James Ford's victim
Det Insp Susie Hine, the Cambridgeshire Constabulary, applauded the courage and bravery of the victim and her family, who acted with tremendous dignity throughout. The Jury affirmed their decision through the victim’s testimony, and now a predatory $ex offender is behind bars, added Susie Hine. Susie wants to reassure the public that there is no place for an offender, no matter who they are. In this case, a serving police officer expected to protect, undertook such predatory actions and now faces the consequences for his heinous acts.

James Ford’s punishment:

James Ford punishment
After the hearing, the Jury concluded James to receive four counts of raping an underage child, two counts for assaulting a child under 13 by penetration, two counts for $exual assault against a child under 13, and two counts for making a child under 13 participate in $exual activity. The Jury of the Cambridge Crown Court came to his decision in less than a day. Mr. Justice Bryan assured Ford would face a lengthy custodial sentence and that he was to remain in custody. The jurors have confirmed that James will receive his sentence on 21st October 2022. Assistant Chief Constable Genne Telfer of Hertfordshire police was ‘disgusted’ by Ford’s heinous actions and was adamant about facing a fast-track dismissal hearing.

James Ford and the opinions of the involved:

James Ford and opinions of the involved
Detective Constable Mark Williamson, in charge of the case, encouraged the victims of child abuse to reach out and get help against the assault they required, no matter when the offense occurred. Williamson wishes that the significant prison sentence Ford is to receive will give a sense of justice to the victim and their family. NSPCC spokesperson said, “Ford, as a police officer, was too aware of the devastating effects of child $exual abuse on the victim child.”
“But he disregarded this and his duty to protect people from harm as he embarked on a campaign to abuse this young girl $exually.:”
“Speaking out about abuse takes great courage, and we hope this young victim is receiving all the support she needs to help her recover from the harm she has suffered at the hands of Ford.”

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