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An Award Winning Photographer, John Gaps III Died At 63

John Gaps III Died

John Gaps III, a former Associated photographer who covered everything from war to the College World Series, was discovered dead in his home in Des Moines, Iowa, his family reported Tuesday. He was 63. Gaps were found at his home by police on Monday after his son, Ethan Gaps, asked for welfare. Ethan Gaps stated that it was unclear how his father died. John Gaps said that his images stand out because of the risks he took to get a distinctive shot rather than his shooting talents.

How did John Gaps III Die?

For the time being, we can’t expect much help from John Gaps III’s family because they aren’t in the mood to talk about his death. We will, however, add the accurate data as soon as they become available. The end of John Gaps Iii has caused great pain in the Gaps Iii family, and let us hope their grief and anguish will stop soon. We guarantee that we will regularly update all information surrounding John Gaps Iii’s death as new information becomes available.

The career of John Gaps III:

Gaps’ career began while he was still a student at Iowa State, where he worked as a photographer for the Iowa State Daily. He started his career at the Omaha World-Herald in the early 1980s before joining the Associated Press in 1985. While Gaps was stationed in Iowa, the Associated Press dispatched him to cover wars and events all around the world, including the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997. He was injured in the leg by an Israeli officer in 1994 while reporting public protests in Gaza.

Unique Photography Experience of John Gaps III:

Unique Photography Experience of John Gaps III


“I was filming the picture when I observed a soldier around 100 yards distant near the army base’s gate. He was down on one knee, ready to shoot. He was tracking me with a scope on his gun. “At the time, Gaps stated. Gaps’ thigh was pierced by a plastic sniper round fired by the soldier. When the soldier shot Gaps, the Israeli army found he had disobeyed orders. “John was a titan in the photography industry. To say he had a prominent personality and could paint a big image would be an understatement “J. David Ake, AP director of photography, stated.

John Gaps III Statement About his work:

Gaps recounted one time when he pushed himself to achieve a unique shot in an interview with Des Moines television station WHO-13: choosing a high position. Even in his final weeks, seeing his art in print delighted him, according to his son Ethan. “On Sept. 15, I was at a gas station when I noticed a USA Today piece showing 40 years of memorable moments in history, and a couple of his images were there,” he explained. “So I went out and showed it to him. That impressed him greatly.”

John Gaps III Covered the Photos of War:

John Gaps III Covered the Photos of War


According to AP photographer Scott Applewhite, who defines his association with Gaps as “army pals,” they would frequently exchange their experiences in areas such as the Balkans and Haiti. “We covered the Gulf War and met up in Kuwait,” Applewhite remarked Tuesday. “I believe we talked about such things to each other since no one else would understand.” Carol Hunter, the executive editor of the Des Moines Register, said Gaps enjoyed what he accomplished.

Gaps were also well-known for his literary abilities. Throughout his career, he wrote columns for newspapers, and in 1997, he released “God Left Us Alone Here: A Book of War,” a book of his poetry and photographs that take a painful look at his brushes with war and struggle from across the world. He is survived by his kids, John Henry Gaps of Des Moines, Sarah Bonsall of Ankeny, Ethan Gaps of Des Moines, and six grandkids.

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