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Is StreamEast, the free live-streaming website, not working anymore?


We have all pirated at least once, and how can we not? The current streaming services are purely shitty. Some websites will entertain a limited number of ads even if you get a premium. Some giants like Amazon won’t allow us to use VPN, which feels like a deal-breaker because even after paying for all the services, the customers are still not allowed to watch shows from another country. The customers have been fooled or restricted without being given a choice. Some streaming platforms will have excellent prices, with the quality being single-star rated. Well, what’s the solution? That’s right. Piracy.

What is StreamEast?

StreamEast (1)
StreamEast is a popular live-streaming platform that allows users to watch, share and download video content. The platform includes live chatting, streaming, and video-sharing services. The platform features many content genres like sports, news, and entertainment. It is a safe space with no defective malware that could harm users’ privacy or devices.

StreamEast pros:

StreamEast Pros

StreamEast allows users to enjoy immersive content without any charges or interruption, but the site is a pirate site that streams content owned by other producers. The website has around 4.1 million users worldwide, of which 76.91 percent are male and 23.09 percent are female. The range that StreamEast covers are off the bat. It has popular sports like handball. StreamEast offers HD resolution with a minimum of 1080 pixels, without rips or low-quality glitches. The site can function without having to log in, but with registration comes additional benefits. The website will notify users before their favorite game streams if users make a registered profile. The website also gets reviewed and thoroughly researched to avoid any misinformation reaching the users.

Is StreamEast not working?

StreamEast not working
StreamEast is a trendy part of the Reddit community, and many Reddit users have been discussing how StreamEast is not working anywhere. According to the commenters, the big companies have the site shut down and will soon be coming with their criminal records for illegal users. There hasn’t been any announcement by the website on the internet. Technically, no information is available to clarify if the website will be back to work soon. Most of the Reddit users have already switched to StreamEast alternatives.

StreamEast alternatives?

StreamEast alternatives
With StreamEast no longer working, Sportsurge has become the most popular website for the game-lovers. The site is similar to StreamEast in features, but all the links are outside. Sportsurge allows the user to choose the video’s ad number choices. The site is yet again a pirate website, so one might want to be careful around it regarding viruses or malware. Stream2watch is the go-to website that offers live sports, but the site requires registration. The links are of fine quality and stream all kinds of sports. There are links to other streaming sites on the website, out of which some may not function, and the error or trials are time-consuming. Fox Sports is a website for sports lovers who love variety, and the website contains all sports. The website will require VPN as it’s only freely available in the United States.

StreamEast cons:

StreamEast cons
The major backset of StreamEast is that it is an illegal website that streams content without informing or taking the owner’s permission. The online video hosting site has been in operation starting from 2006, and the base of the pirate website is, ironically, the United States, a country that actively prohibits piracy. The website has commercial pop-ups; however, a simple ad blocker can easily block those ads. StreamEast does have an app of its own, which makes the device compatibility a little less friendly as the website is not designed for mobile view.

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