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How passed away Barbara (Bobbie) Long? Reason for the death of DJ Ted Long’s wife at 93Q Disclosed

How passed away Barbara (Bobbie) Long

For the past 18 years, the Syracuse New Times voters have selected Ted and Amy as their popular neighbourhood tv DJs. Unexpectedly, DJ Ted Long’s wife passed away. Let us just check at how she recently died and Barbara (Bobbie) Long’s exact reason for death.

How passed away Barbara (Bobbie) Long?

Already when his wife, Bobbie Long, passed away, Ted Long of Syracuse, Nyc, finally opened towards the neighbourhood regarding his medical problems. She aged around 62 years.

“Bobbie did go away softly last evening at Francis House, Inc.,” announced 93Q (WNTQ-FM). Ted replies he is well and appreciates everybody for your warm prayers and positive thoughts.

Ted stated last week that Bobbie’s liver cirrhosis required transplantation from a donor organ. The presenters of the morning show stated though that “hundreds” of individuals offered to be tested as wealthy investors, the timing would not allow for transplant.

Her health “is not strong enough just to withstand a treatment,” according to Ted’s letter last week. As Bobbie was transported to Francis House’s palliative care unit, the couple made the final preparations for her life.

Death of Barbara (Bobbie) Long:

Ted Long seeks support from the Syracuse community on September 21 in the year of 2022, due to his wife’s medical condition.

Long-time radio personality Ted Long is asking Central New Yorkers for help regarding his wife’s urgent healthcare needs.

Ted Long announced Tuesday that his wife, Barbara “Bobbie” Long, requires a live donation for the process of a liver transplant. The two have indeed been “Ted and Amy” on Syracuse’s 93Q (WNTQ-FM) for further than thirty years.

Cirrhosis, a disease that may be fatal to the liver, was discovered in Bobbie. “When people are saying that things can change on a dime, they’re not kidding,” Ted asserted during the morning talk show.

“My wife has already had a liver disease since the start of the year, and at the moment point, a transplant is the sole thing that can save her life. It seems unbelievable that she is not in a position in her test results where she can get on a donation registry so because the way they list people seeking liver transplantation would be through testing.

How will Barbara (Bobbie) Long fare?

Ted expressed his thanks to all of the hospital personnel who backed the procedure, especially the liver transplant staffs at Rochester’s Good Memorial Hospital and all of the Syracuse-area support.

Bobbie Long, who resigned earlier this year from her position at the Baldwinsville bus garage, was taken to the hospital in mid-July after being given a diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver, a late-stage liver scarring disease (fibrosis) that results in chronic, prolonged organ failure.

Even though the damage is typically irreversible, the Mayo Clinic says that it can occasionally be minimised and reversed if caught and treated promptly.

I hate to say it, but getting a bit older and being confronted with these problems stink, Ted stated last week.

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