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Boss Holdings Firm Announces that Louis Graziadio III Dies

Louis Graziadio III Dies

G. Louis Graziadio III, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer died on Monday, October 17, 2022, according to Boss Holdings, Inc. (BSHI). Mr. Graziadio publicly reported to shareholders in May 2022 that he had been diagnosed with metastatic cancer and was treating it. He battled his disease with tenacity, remaining an active member of Boss Holdings’ management until his death. Mr. Graziadio led the company for nearly 25 years and made numerous contributions to its success. Let’s look deeply to know more about Louis Graziadio III’s death and his company Boss Holdings.

About Boss Holdings:

The day-to-day operations of Boss Holdings are still overseen by Rick Bern, our long-time Chief Operational Officer, who has decades of experience in each of our operating sectors. Chris Miller, president of Boss Pet operations, is an experienced executive who has offered solid leadership to the business since joining the company in 2018. Terry Brizz of Galaxy Balloons and Tom Novak of Aries Manufacturing are industry stalwarts who have steered their respective divisions through complicated financial cycles for years. Boss Holdings will continue to use its current management structure for the time being.

Who is Louis Graziadio III?

Since June 1996, Mr. G. Louis Graziadio, III has served as CEO of Boss Holdings Inc. and President. Mr. Graziadio is the Chairman of Ginarra Holdings Inc., its subsidiaries, a California-based investment firm. He is the President of Second Southern Corporation. Ginarra Partners, L.L.C.’s Managing Partner is Mr. Graziadio. Mr. Graziadio is Imperial Financial Group Inc.’s Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He serves on the boards of directors of several companies, including Boss Holdings Inc., Graziadio Development Company, G.I.C. Corp., Beachcliff Real Estate, Inc., and Boss Manufacturing, Co.

Early Career of Louis Graziadio III:

He was the CEO and Chairman of Second Southern Corp. and the Partner of L.L.C., a closely held California corporation involved in a wide range of investments and economic activities, including oil and gas investments since 1983. From June 1995 through November 1997, he worked as a Manager at Franchise Mortgage LLC. Mr. Graziadio has been actively involved in real estate development, construction, and home building since 1972. Since November 1997, he has served as a director of FLRT, Inc.; Acacia Research Corp., before the split-off of CombiMatrix Corp.; and True Religion Apparel Inc. since May 27, 2005.

Successful Career of Louis Graziadio III:

Imperial Management, Inc., LGI Liquidation Co., ICII, Imperial Trust Company, an indirect subsidiary of Imperial Bancorp. Lynx Golf Inc., and Vista 2000 Inc. are all subsidiaries of Imperial Bancorp ,all companies on the board of directors. Since February 2002, he has served as a Director of CombiMatrix Corporation. From May 15, 2006, through May 9, 2008, Mr. Graziadio was the Director of Rosetta Resources, Inc. From 1984 to 2000, he was a director of Imperial Bancorp, a commercial bank based in Los Angeles that Comerica Bank bought in 2001. Comerica Ventures Incorporated and Official Payments Corporation had Mr. Graziadio on their boards. Mr. Graziadio is a Pepperdine University Board of Visitors member.

Louis Graziadio III: Chairman of Boss Holdings

Since 1893, Boss Holdings, Inc. has been based in Kewanee, Illinois. Boss Pet Items, Inc., situated in Danvers, MA, is a wholly owned company that distributes pet grooming supplies, equipment, pet leashes, toys, apparel, and health and wellness products. Galaxy Balloons, Inc., headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, distributes custom imprinted balloons, inflatables, and other promotional products, as does Aries Manufacturing, a division of Boss Tech Products, Inc., a supplier, and distributor of cell phone accessories such as charging solutions, hands-free headsets, speakers, and related products.

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