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Why did Raymond Leyva die naturally? The death of the retired executive officer Clarified.

Why did Raymond Leyva die naturally
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The Department of the Sheriff regretfully announces the loss of former Executive Officer Raymond Leyva. Mr. Leyva died unexpectedly on October 12, 2022; a day called Wednesday.

Death of Raymond Leyva’s cause:

Raymond Leyva, a retired executive officer, died recently, the Office of the Sheriff sadly reports.

Officer Raymond Leyva’s cause of death was not revealed by the sheriff’s Office or his family. No official notification of the reason for death has been released to date.

Medical subjects have made an attempt to get in contact with their family and close friends to ask people about the incident. There were no answers yet. Once we get enough data, we will edit this page. More info concerning Raymond Leyva’s death cause will also be available soon.

The career of Ray Leyva:

In 1975, Ray Leyva entered the Los Angeles Police Department as just a reserve officer to begin his law enforcement career. He left the LAPD in 1977 to work as a cop with the Burbank Police Department; then, in 1981, he moved to the Sheriff’s Department.

He served as a sheriff’s deputy in stations in Men’s Central Jail, Sybil Brand Institute for Women, Firestone, and Playa Del Rey before being elevated to the position of Sgt in 1985.

As a Sergeant, he held duties at many places, including the Custody Division Headquarters. After being appointed to Lieutenant in 1990, Ray was given opportunities to the Office of the Control and ensured East Los Angeles Stations, North County Detention Center, East Facility, Basic Training Bureau, Custody Division Hq, and Sheriff’s Head office Bureau.

Raymond Leyva Cause of Death

Image Credit by Bareillycollege

He was promoted to Captain of the West Bureau of Court Services in August 1999:

In 2012, Mr. Leyva was elevated to Commander and given command of Field Operations Region I, where he was in command of the patrol station in the northern province of Los Angeles County. 

His tasks included handling the Division’s budget and staffing needs in addition to other administrative duties. In 2018, he received a job offer to return to the agency as an Executive Officer and assume the responsibilities of the Undersheriff. 

He has completed a variety of leadership programs in the country and is currently a “Train the Trainer” Analytical Interviewing instructor. The Tactical Science Course for Disaster or Crime Scene Management was taken with Mr. Leyva, who has a strong background in disaster management methods. He helped numerous firms around the country in selecting supervisory and management personnel while he was a member of HAPCOA at the Homeland Security Department.

Ray Leyva was honored:

1.Davi Na

Leyva was a great leader during his short career with us and served as Los Angeles County’s associate with the new Probation Officer. I am always grateful for the help we got from our Chief. Wishing you luck, gentleman.

2. Kathi Pattullo

In PDC North, I had the privilege of serving under his leadership. Nobody compared with him. Man with a good heart. 

3. Fernando Gonzalez

His work in law enforcement lasted several years. I send my condolences to the family as well as the sheriff’s Office.

4. Sébastien Estrada

I am sending my condolences to the family; may I Bless them. And appreciate you, Officer Leyva, for your service.

5. Messina Linaria

Ray Leyva, RIP. When he worked as Interim Chief Probation Officer I had fond memories of him. Thanks to his family.