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Why do the police suspect Wesley Brownlee to be the serial killer of Stockton?

Wesley Brownlee

Most of Netflix’s psychological thrillers are the best examples of our obsession with serial killers. Why is our generation so obsessed with psychopaths and homicides? This is relatively due to the human tendency to plan, face risky situations, and find solutions. The series allows us to do it all without actually experiencing the trauma of it all. Could this obsession, however, be the cause of the increased number of serial killers? We have no answers for that but surely have one more serial killer to bring out serotonin for all the thrill lovers.

Known facts about Wesley Brownlee:

Wesley Brownlee
Wesley Brownless is a 43-year-old black man who is the prime suspect in a series of murders. The morning he was arrested, he seemed to be ‘out’ for the next target to murder, as stated by Chief officer Stanley McFadden in a media conference in the presence of officials like City manager Harry Black, Mayor Kevin Lincoln, and San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar.
Wesley Brownlee was out in the early morning of Sunday, October 15, 2022. He was driving through his city Stockton, California, the same home place shadowed by five murders. Wesley got caught by the police and was found to be armed with a gun. The police have been keeping an eye on this killer and saw him right before he was about to make his move.

All the murdered victims of Wesley Brownlee:

Wesley Brownlee's victim

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Wesley Brownlee has been suspected of far more murders than the evidence suggests. The only confirmed murders have been six men, of which five belong to Stockton. Paul Alexander Yaw is a 35-year-old who was killed at a park in northern California on July 8. 43 years old Salvador William Debudey Jr. was murdered on August 11 around a parking lot close to Popeyes off west lane. Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez was just 21 and the youngest of Wesley’s victims, murdered on August 30. On September 21, 52-year-old Juan Cruz was found dead near Manchester Avenue. Lorenzo Lopez was also the same age as Juan, murdered a week later. The last victim was from Oakland, a 40-year-old man, Juan Miguel Vasquez Serrani, on September 27.

The surviving victims of Wesley Brownlee:

Wesley Brownlee's surviving victim
The sole victim who survived the shootings is a 46-year-old black woman. She was reported to be biking on April 16, 2021, close to 3: 30 am, to an encampment at Park and Union streets when she was shot, according to Stanley McFadden. The woman was hiding by a tent when she recognized a man dressed in all-black clothes, a black face mask, and a black jacket. The sole witness described the man’s height close to 5’10 to 6’2.

Was Wesley Brownlee the trigger that led to the shooting?

Wesley Brownlee's shooting
Stockton has been home to deadly shootings within a four-mile radar with each other. The top 5 fatal shootings happened in 2022 between July 8 and September 27, 2022. Mcfadden, the police chief, discovered a pattern in the period of each attack and the shootings. The period between the first attack on April 10, 2021, and the next followed in six days. The time for the second and third attacks was 448 days. From the third to the fourth, 34 days passed. The fifth attack and sixth attacks have a gap of 22 days. The sixth from the sixth, which was the last attack, the seventh can be predicted to be six days later, which is supposed to be October 3 or after.

Was Wesley Brownlee’s target-specific?

Wesley Brownlee's target specific
Wesley’s targets showed nothing specific in common, five victims were Hispanic, and four victims were homeless. Gender didn’t seem to factor in, as both genders were targeted. Rather than target-specific, Wesley seemed time-specific, which eventually helped the police to catch him.