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Who is Timothy Truitt? After the Amber Alert had been sent, Hampton children were safely found.

Who is Timothy Truitt
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Adriana and Jaxon Truitt, who had been abducted from the Walmart in Hampton, Virginia, were the focus of an AMBER Alert. According to Virginia State Police, the children are allegedly in great danger.

The abduction occurred on Sunday at 2:30 pm at Hampton Walmart at 1900 Cunningham Road.

What happened to the children?

At the Hampton Walmart, two children were reportedly kidnapped by their father. The Virginia State Police filed an Amber Alert on Monday after the transpired-on Sunday evening.

According to Hampton police, Timothy Paul Truitt, a 36-year-old Newport News man, also attended the Walmart Supercentre on 1900 Cunningham Drive on Saturday with the kids and their mother and parent or guardian.

At around 2:30 pm, police say, Truitt, as well as a second person, “removed himself” from the parents of the children and left the institution.

Who has Adriana and Jaxon Truitt?

Two-year-old Jaxon Truitt was in the man’s arms, and one-year-old Adriana Truitt was transported in a child seat by another guy. According to Hampton police’s first press release on the event, the captors then sped off in a maroon Kia.

The children are believed to be at risk, according to Virginia State Police, which activated the Amber Alert at about 4:30 pm Monday.

Adriana is a Caucasian woman having sand hair, blue eyes, and a body weight of about 30 pounds. She was also seen with a long white onesie, red and white, blue stockings, and a gray sweatshirt.

Jaxon Truitt is indeed a child of mixed ethnicity who weighs approximately twenty-five pounds and has brown eyes and hair. He was last observed wearing a black long-sleeve shirt with the words “Made to Win” in red, black pants, and gray or blue shoes.

Who has Adriana and Jaxon Truitt

Image Credit By NBC 12

Timothy Truitt: Who is he?

Timothy Truitt is a Caucasian male who is 6 feet, 1 inch, weighs approximately One hundred seventy-five lbs, and has brown hair and eyes.

He wore a pure black shirt and matched it with his yellow logo, gray trousers, and white Puma sneakers the last time he was seen.

According to Hampton Police, he reportedly possesses in the year of 2004 Chevrolet Suburban in contrast to the Kia vehicles. The SUV’s exterior is maroon, and its number plate reads USN20YR.

An early investigation showed that the kids’ legal guardian drove Truitt and the children to Walmart. Truitt kept the children and himself apart when he entered the facility before leaving Walmart with an unknown man.

The last time anybody saw Timothy Truitt, he was in a maroon automobile. The authorities unveiled an image of the vehicle early Monday.

Truitt now has a warrant out for her arrest for using a vehicle without authorization. Why was an Amber Alert not released by Hampton Police until over a day later? Was the question given to them by 10 On Our Side? According to Ernie Williams’ reports, it took so long to ensure the incident complied with the requirements.

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