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Explore Here the Mystery: Where is David Carter’s Ex-Girlfriend Samia Conner Now?

Where is David Carter's Ex-Girlfriend Samia Conner Now

David Carter, who appeared to have everything going for him, vanished without a trace in late 2018. As the investigation progressed, the young man’s family learned he would never return; David had been brutally murdered and his body parts dumped along a highway. ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Body in Bags,’ a Netflix original series, focuses on David’s case. So, if you’re curious about her, here’s what we know.

Who is Samia Conner?

Who is Samia Conner


At the event in 2018, Samia Conner and David Carter Sr. had known each other for many years. She said in the broadcast that she had admired David since the first time she saw him. Samia thought he was humorous, and they began spending time together and finally started dating shortly after. Samia was 19 at the time, while David was around 20. David Carter Jr., the couple’s first child, was born soon later. In their lives, AKA DJ. She remembered David being overjoyed at the time. Between 2000 and 2014, Samia and David had an on-again, off-again romance.

Samia Conner and David Carter: Problem Begins

Samia Conner and David Carter Problem Begins


Regardless of their relationship status, the two remained devoted to parenting DJ as co-parents and stayed close. David was in several relationships following that and had seen Tamera “Tammy” Williams since March 2018. He was with her when he mysteriously vanished six months later. David didn’t show up to work in the days that followed, causing his family to check on him. The apartment door was unlocked, and Samia pulled the comforter in the bedroom to expose it. The family reported David missing as soon as they realized something was wrong. In the following weeks, authorities discovered David’s body pieces along an interstate highway in Eagle Township, Ohio.

Where is Samia Conner Now?

Where is Samia Conner Now


Samia Conner stated on the episode that there was never a day when she didn’t think of David. She frequently imagined how proud he would have been of everything DJ had accomplished since then. Samia seemed to be doing lot better these days. She resides in Detroit, Michigan, and, in addition to caring for her children, she is in a relationship. General Motors employs Samia as the Training Lead for Digital Connected Services. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication & Media Arts and studied Administrative Management at Eastern Michigan University. Samia enjoys traveling and attending her son’s football games.

Who is David Carter?

Who is David Carter


David D. Carter, Sr. was regarded as a fun-loving, stand-up person who was a wonderful parent to his adolescent son, David Carter Jr. DJ, a moniker he shared with Samia Conner. Similarly, David had a tight relationship with his father, Elton Carter. He worked at the Magna Seating Plant in Highland Park, Michigan, and had his own clothing business. The 39-year-old has a close relationship with his family and volunteered with the Melvindale Junior Football League. David had been dating Tamera “Tammy” Williams for roughly six months at the time of the incident.

How did David Carter Die?

How did David Carter Die


David missed three days of work during the first week of October 2018. The family was concerned, especially his sister, Tasia Carter-Jackson, who raced to his house. They discovered the door unfastened and the bed unmade. On October 1, 2018, a transportation worker found a sleeping bag in the weeds. David’s lower torso and legs were in the sack. In the days that followed, investigators found the rest of his remains along the same route. According to the episode, David’s head was found in a black duffel bag on October 10, 2018. On October 16, his upper torso and hands were found in a bag. David had been shot under the ear from close range.

According to the show, authorities think David was shot in the head, possibly while sleeping. He had no wounds to indicate that he had fought back. David’s family last saw him on September 28, 2018, at DJ’s football game. DJ was at his mother’s house on September 30, 2018, and was meant to travel to David’s, but the mother received texts from David’s phone indicating he was sick. DJ came by anyhow since he needed to pick up something. He stated that he saw Tammy acting strangely and that his father had gone for a walk.

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