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Where is Daniel Edwards Now? All about Fiona Southwell Murder

Who Killed Fiona Southwell

‘Vengeance: Killer Coworkers: Bloodshed in the Barn,’ an Investigation Discovery documentary, follows the tragic murder of a stablehand and riding instructor Fiona Southwell in Seaton in July 2016. Following witness evidence, investigators quickly apprehended the culprit and were shocked to discover that she had been murdered for hatred over a job. We can tell you more about what happened, as well as the identity and present location of the criminal. So, shall we get started?

Who is Fiona Southwell?

Who is Fiona Southwell


Fiona Southwell, a riding instructor, lived at Arram Hall, near Seaton, with her brother, Samuel Southwell, and their elderly mother. She worked as a freelance riding instructor until hired as a stable hand at Grange Farm in Seaton, near Hull, England. Fiona’s relatives recalled how she spent her entire life with horses, calling them “the great joy of her life.” Fiona had even participated in a horse parade during the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and used to paint commissioned portraits of horses based on her years of expertise with the animals.

How did Fiona Southwell Die?

Samuel went down to the barns to check on her when his sister did not come to the house for meals on July 15, 2016. It was a surprise to him when he discovered the 60-year-body old’s in a barn at Grange Farm. Police arrived and found she had been stabbed at least 19 times in her face and neck. The autopsy report stated that the defensive wounds on her arms revealed that she had attempted to defend herself. An investigative officer said, “It was a sustained.”

Police begin to Investigate:

Police discovered evidence at his home that directly contradicted his claims of innocence. Officers discovered Fiona’s blood-stained clothing in his bedroom and the victim’s blood on his ankle. They also found a filthy kitchen knife covered in Fiona’s blood in a hedgerow near the farm and a blood-stained child’s vest that detectives believe was used to clean the blade. The 22-year-old could not explain any of the above goods and was arrested on Fiona’s murder accusations. Daniel has been a stable hand at Grange Farm since the spring of 2016, where he was hired to care for three horses.

Who Killed Fiona Southwell?

Who Killed Fiona Southwell


Daniel Edwards was fired pleasantly and compassionately for poor timekeeping and replaced by Fiona in May 2016, which enraged him. The authorities felt Daniel hoped that murdering Fiona would lead to his being recruited again at the farm. Daniel has previously been convicted of being drunk and unruly in public and receiving a caution for assault in 2012 and indecent exposure in 2014. The owner of the guest home, where Daniel slept for a few months before the incident, claimed, “…we have phones in all the guest rooms.

Where is Daniel Edwards Now?

Daniel Edwards was found guilty of murder by a Hull Crown Court jury after less than three hours of deliberation at a trial held in February 2017. The judge sentenced him to life in jail, requiring him to serve at least 24 years before being eligible for release. His learning handicap was allegedly taken into account while assessing the severity of his sentence. The judge admonished Daniels at his sentencing, saying, “The use of some of the words in the Facebook page you later posted – you let out the monsters within you.” Daniel is serving his term at HMP Hull in Kingston upon Hull, England.

In the weeks preceding the murder and the hours following it, authorities discovered a slew of expletives-laced and misogynistic Facebook remarks. Furthermore, a neighbor’s CCTV showed Daniel walking near the crime scene moments after the 60-year-old riding teacher was killed. The authorities urged residents in the area, particularly those who went by the farm around the time of the murder, to come forward with any information on the crime.

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