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How did die Charlie Smithgall? What was Charlie Smithgall’s Cause of Death?

Charlie Smithgall

The former mayor of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Charlie Smithgall, died.

The death of Charlie Smithgall has left the state in grief, and the state begins to prepare for events to pay respect to the responsible and favorite mayor, Charlie Smithgall.

Who is Charlie Smithgall?

Charlie Smithgall (1)

Charlie W. Smithgall was born on September 20, 1945, in Lancaster. He was an American politician, businessman, and surprisingly, also pharmacist. Smithgall was the mayor of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for two terms from January 1998 to January 3, 2006. Before becoming the mayor, Smithgall was a member of Northwest Neighborhood Association which was against a proposed trolley regarding downtown Lancaster with the Park City Center. Smithgall stood up for election again in 2005 but lost the bid to Democrat Rick Gray. He later became a member of the Republican Committee of Lancaster County. In 2009, Smithgall did not participate in the elections but received 227 write-in votes in the mayoral primary election by the supporters of the former mayor, which gave him a write-in victory. This inspired him to seek further and accept the Republican write-in nomination and seek a third term as mayor on June 26, 2009. Smithgall, however, lost the third bid in the mayoral election as well as the mayoral election of 2013.

When did Charlie Smithgall die?

Charlie Smithgall death

Charlie Smithgall died at 3:30 am on October 18, 2022, at the age of 77, at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health. The news of his death was revealed through the Facebook post of his daughter Allison Smithgall which conveyed the following:
“It is with the utmost sadness that I wish to share that my dad passed away about an hour ago … Charlie Smithgall was the best dad, husband, and pop-pop & friend, anyone in the world, could have asked for. He loved his family, his farm, and his cannons. He loved being the mayor of Lancaster. He was an encyclopedia of knowledge and humor. If you knew him, you were a lucky person because he always cared about others more than he did himself.”

Popular facts about Smithgall:

Charlie Smithgall popular facts

Smithgall was famous for his policies against crime, and he also helped the economic revitalization of Lancaster, which goes to say he was a responsible mayor. He ran Smithgall’s pharmacy through his retirement days to support his family on West Lemon Street. Smith had a keen appreciation for antique artillery, which collected many Civil War cannons showcased on American Independence Day celebrations.

Charlie Smithgall and cancer:

Charlie Smithgall and cancer
Charlie was diagnosed with kidney cancer in October 2018. Smithgall went through a five and half hour operation at the Fox Chase Cancer Center on December 14, 2018, in Philadelphia; two months later, the tragic news was revealed to him. Dr. Robert Uzzo cut off half of the damaged parts of the kidney of Smithgall. Uzzo assured Smithgall need not use chemotherapy or any other extra treatment because his cancer was discovered early and was prevented from spreading. Despite some struggling, Smithgall reverted to health. He explained that he had never experienced any difficulties before the surprising diagnosis. He also said if the doctors wouldn’t x-ray his hip or asked any additional questions about his health, cancer would’ve killed him.

The cause of Charlie Smithgall’s death:

Charlie Smithgall death cause

The confirmed death cause of Charlie Smithgall hasn’t been revealed to the public, so cancer is the closest assumption the media can make so far. Smithgall’s wife, Debbie Smithgall, explained the cause of his death as cardiac issues.

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