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Elizabeth Heiskell’s Journey on struggling with Breast Cancer

Elizabeth Heiskell
survivor Net

Elizabeth Heiskell the Today Show Contributor shares her struggling journey with stage two breast cancer in an interview with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager during the pink power today event. The 51-year-old caterer, chef, and author has been diagnosed with stage two cancer.

Elizabeth Sharing her Experience in an Interview

Elizabeth Heiskell

Say it southern

Elizabeth on sharing her struggles stated an event before she had gone through this. Four months ago when the chef was in a yoga class, she told her teacher that she had breast cancer and chemo yesterday, her teacher in reply congratulates her for the journey. At that time Elizabeth did not understand what she meant.

The chef four weeks earlier when she was at a Sports Bar in Oxford, Mississippi watching an amazing Baseball game with her friend Machelle was continuously scratching her breast throughout half of the game and discovered Lumps on her breast. She asked her friend Michelle to come with her to the bathroom to see it. The expression of her friend after seeing her Lump was terrified.

The next Monday morning they went to the Gynocologist’s office to examine. The Doctor asked Elizabeth about the last Mammogram and it was about two years ago. Elizabeth was in fear looking at the doctor worried. They both were crying.

Elizabeth reveals that when all these things were happening she was in the best phase of her life, her career was flourishing, she with her daughter were Driving to Memphis where she had a big meeting, and Goldbelly was interested in selling her cakes. She was in complete panic when the doctor showed her the results of the Biopsy that she has Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, a most common type of Breast Cancer which starts in the milk ducts and spreads to nearby tissues.

when she came back home her husband knew from their panic expressions what had happened but even though Elizabeth said that “I have Cancer” to know what it felt like. She said that it is nearly impossible to tell someone who really loves you.

The chef after getting various opinions from different specialists had gone through six rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. When she was undergoing all through this she sent an image of her in the cold cap to her friend Mendy texting “This feeling sucks”. Her friend responded that “Visualize a perfect beach day, sand in your butt crack in those God-awful canvas beach chairs, a cooler full of cold beer, a slaw dog lunch, a giant bag of chips”. Her friend Mendy’s instructions helped more than anything else to her. But when Elizabeth is about to give Diane, a chemo veteran spoke from behind the curtains ” Just a few minutes more and the worst will be over”, that gave her the courage to be strong and within a few minutes, the pain was gone.

Elizabeth said that she never saw her husband so helpless in the 27 years of her marriage. Her husband Luke Heiskell had tears in his eyes. It was the toughest time that she had in her life. Elizabeth’s tumor had shrunk by 78% after three chemotherapy treatments. After that Heiskell finally understand why her yoga teacher congratulated her. Her teacher congratulate her for overcoming her fears and learning lessons from her tough times that no one could teach her. Heiskell thinks that it’s the god who knows that you are ready to go on another journey to learn new lessons.

Elizabeth finally concluded that you don’t get the choice to get cancer but you get the choice of how to experience your journey. She chooses to learn all the lessons that only tough times teach and the search for joy.

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