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Damon Crestwood’s Cause of Death Patrick Mullins, did he kill him?

Damon Crestwood's Cause of Death Patrick Mullins, did he kill him
Image credit by The Cinemaholic

Patrick Lee Mullins, who was reached at the age of 52, a happy father of two, disappeared out of the blue on a boat ride on January 27, 2013, and nobody could have anticipated the controversy that ensued. This is because of the fact that, as recounted in Netflix’s “Unsolved Mysteries: Body inside the Bay,” not just was he found dead nine days later, and to the present day, each aspect of the case remains a secret.

However, there are several strong, unshakable signs that one of his family and friends, Damon Crestwood, may well have played an important role.

Patrick Mullins: Was Damon Crestwood Killing Him?

Damon Crestwood reportedly met Gray Mullins, Patrick’s brother, in the 1980s or early 1990s, just for their friendship to grow so close that it grew into a family affair. Even if he was not particularly close to a bulk of the Mullins, the latter knew them very well, particularly because they often celebrated Memorial Day or even other key public holidays with him.

While it was essentially always a lengthy gathering, the documentary series claimed that the professional chef’s reaction to Patrick’s passing was still almost “proportionally” overwhelming.

Dr Mark Sylvester, a close family friend, openly stated, “Damon was a sweetheart…” inside the original show. He was simply a pleasant, honest, and respectable guy.

 In contrast, Patrick’s wife, Jill, revealed that he initially told her he “would go out and look from across Manatee River as well as cry and whimper or hours,” notwithstanding his close associate buddy Gray’s remark that he would “burst in tears and afterward uncontrollable crying.” After Pat disappeared, even so, his behavior immediately shifted.

Damon Crestwood's Cause of Death

Image credit by The Cinemaholic

Damon Crestwood Obituary:

While Damon knew Patrick, they were not in any way, shape, and form the type of long-term, dedicated, good friends you would expect such a strong reaction from. This is the most strange and inevitable aspect. Another friend of the family that came into the scene, Stephen Covey, remarked, “Damon was only a bit off the boundaries,” as if that was not sufficient. Constantly asking the question, “Would you still remain, my friend, if it happened? Could I rely on your presence? Each of us truly knew why.

However, the production says that there had been red flags; not only did Damon seem to start using crystal meth shortly after the tragedy, but he also allegedly suffered a mental breakdown every January, precisely all around the time of Patrick’s anniversary of the death. On Memorial Day 2013, Damon publicly tied a string around his neck in a manner that was disturbingly similar to the nautical rope that bound Patrick after he was found dead.

How Did Damon Crestwood Come To an end?

Or less than four years following Patrick’s death, on April 5 in the year of 2017, Damon Crestwood allegedly died of what appeared to be a methamphetamine addiction. The 48-year-old continued to live in Florida, was indeed a father, and a previously well-known professional chef who operated his own restaurant. Mark remarked, “We hoped Damon would inform us if he knew everything” on “Mysteries. Jill agreed, stating, “Given Damon’s strange behavior, given his obsession with Pat’s demise, I am sure Damon [was] aware of what had happened.” But sadly, with his passing, we may not ever learn.

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