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After the deaths of a Great Waldingfield mother and her daughter, Peter Nash was accused of two murder charges.

Peter Nash
Image Credit by Dailymail

Today, a man is set to appear behind judges on accusations that he murdered his wife and his daughter, whose bodies were discovered at the Suffolk residence. This just took the heart and served the top in the news headlines.

Who killed the mother and daughter?

On September 8, Jillu Nash, who was found to have reached the age of 44, and her daughter Louise, who is just 12 years, were discovered dead at a household near Great Waldingfield.

A 46-year-old man was taken into police custody on the scene after being found to have serious injuries. The place was investigated properly.

He subsequently spent five weeks in a hospital while still being detained by the police before being brought on Saturday to a Martlesham Public Inquiry Centre for questioning, where all the questions related to the brutal murder of a mother and a little daughter were asked.

Peter Nash, of Great Wednesfield, is accused of two counts of committing murder, Suffolk Police announced on Sunday.

Jillu and Peter Nash, a husband and wife lived just at the property “with the 12-year-old child named Louise who already had severe learning difficulties,” in accordance with the investigation into the deaths, which started on October 7. As soon as the dead body recovered, the police just got serious and tried to reach every possibility.

Who killed the mother and daughter

image credit by Dailymail

Cause of Death:

Thus, according to Home Office post-mortem examinations, Jillu Nash died due to compression just on the neck. The evidence says the same, which was caught during the investigation.

Her daughter received an abdomen stab wound and sadly died. She was a very, very innocent little girl who was just unaware of what was going to happen.

Peter Nash has been remanded on remand and will face Ipswich Magistrates’ Court at a later point in time.

On Thursday, September 8, at just after 9.55 a.m, Officers were called to a home in Heath Estate in response to reports of concerns for the welfare of inhabitants. 

The news spread faster:

This heartbreaking news took the heart of many. As soon as this news came into account, it took a wide space on the social media side, and people shouted to get the man under custody and punished as badly as possible. 

People started posting comments and tweets, which led to an increase the hatred towards the father of the 12-year little girl, who got murdered by his own father.

People wish that the soul may rest in the piece as the two innocent people were murdered.

Aim of murder:

The investigation is going on. The man was taken to the hospital but under police surveillance. The aim of this murder was caused due to neck choke, as the post-modem report said, which is still unknown. It will be uploaded as soon as more information regarding this pops up.

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