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What Happens To Mariana (Aitana) At The End Of “Holy Family”?

What Happens To Mariana (Aitana) At The End Of Holy Family

The protagonist of the suspense series “Holy Family” on Netflix is Julia, who saw her son Santi try repeatedly to have a child. Julia offered to be the surrogate mother of Santi and Natalia’s kid and gave birth to Nico after learning that Natalia, Santi’s wife, is unable to give birth to a baby without endangering her own life. When Santi tragically passed away, Natalia made the decision to move to Argentina with Nico. Julia, with the assistance of Mariana and Eduardo, then kidnaps the infant from Natalia.

What Happens To Mariana (Aitana) At The End Of "Holy Family"?

After taking the fictitious names of Gloria, Aitana, and Abel, as well as Hugo, Julia, Mariana, Eduardo, and Nico began a new phase of their lives in Madrid. Due to Julia’s decision to stay with Nico while Gloria is with Gloria, grave consequences may result. We’ve looked at it in detail because season 1 of the Spanish television show concludes with one such result. Let’s discuss our views!

What Happens To Mariana (Aitana)?

Mariana is already aware of the severity of her mother Julia’s pathological fixation with Nico when Natalia arrives in Madrid in search of her. She can now understand Natalie’s sorrow over losing her son because she had lost Marcos. Mariana begins to believe that she and Eduardo sacrificed their lives so that Julia might replace Santi for Nico. She is aware that Julia’s inability to move on from her son Santi’s passing is the sole reason Natalia deserves to die of anguish over losing her son. As a result, Julia is enraged when she decides to assist Natalia by bringing Nico to his true mother.

Mariana is about to give Nico to Natalia when Julia attempted to stab her own daughter and steals the child away. Mariana is fighting to get her stab wound under control as Eduardo drives them to their vehicle and then departs. Mariana might pass away from the same, but the chances are slim. Julia tells her how much she hates to hurt her before stabbing her. The mother knows exactly what she is doing when she stabs the child. Therefore, the wound must be small or curable.

Mariana is not fatally wounded by Julia’s knife. In order to physically disarm her daughter and steal Nico from her, she plans to do so. Julia must have made a non-fatal stab instead of a life-threatening one for the same. Having stated that, Mariana receives no medical care after being stabbed, which could exacerbate her condition. Eduardo is more concerned about leaving the area than helping Mariana since he places a higher priority on doing so.

Eduardo is supposed to halt at a hospital once he regains consciousness in order to make sure Mariana’s life is not in danger. If she obtains medical attention as quickly as possible, she might survive because there isn’t any alarming blood loss at this time. If she recovers fully, she might not want to be in a relationship with the person who killed her partner and almost killed her. If the second season of the show is produced, Mariana might be living alone, avoiding Julia and her fixation on Nico.

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