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Where is Brittanee Drexel’s Family Now?

Where is Brittanee Drexel's Family Now
credit by CBS News

’20/20: The Darkest Night,’ an ABC News special, concentrates on Brittanee Drexel’s sad story. The adolescent mysteriously disappeared while on holiday in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for such summertime. Yet, Brittanee’s parents refused to cease looking after her for years. So, for those curious how Brittanee’s family dealt with each half and where they could be, right here is what everybody understands.

Who is Brittanee Drexel?

Brittanee was born to Dawn Drexel & Turko John Kahyaoglu. “Her teeth are beautiful; she constantly looked good,” Dawn later remarked of her kid. She went shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch & Hollister. She was a number zero, so a size zero. Her hair, her end up making, all was flawless.” Dawn was engaged to Chad Drexel, who fostered Brittanee at the time of the collision, but the two were separating. Myrissa and Camdyn were their two siblings.

Brittanee Drexel’s Family: Who Are They?

Brittanee Drexel, aged 17, planned to go to Myrtle Beach with some friends in April 2009, but her dad didn’t want her to as there would be no adults on the trip. Brittanee, on the other side, lied to her folks and travelled to South Carolina whilst claiming to be in Rochester visiting colleagues.

Dawn said that her child is not doing well, given what has been happening at home. “Her mental capacity wasn’t good,” she added. My house was being seized, my ex-husband had gone out, and we were getting a divorce. She wants security and stability.”

Brittanee, on the other hand, disappeared within days after landing at Myrtle Beach. “I tried everything I could to acquire her on my own. ” her lover added. “I’m her sole father,” she adds, and we were very close.”

Brittanee Drexel's Family

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What happened to Brittanee Drexel’s family?

Dawn moved to Myrtle Beach in the wake of Brittanee’s absence. She tried all she could to locate her child. She was employed as a pest management specialist while serving as just a directorate general and a member of Communities United Effort. This organization helped with missing people investigations. Dawn said after Raymond’s imprisonment, “She (Brittanee) spent her entire life ahead of her.” And this monster took her of that too. I’m glad he is chained away, so he didn’t destroy anybody else’s kid.”

Dawn has remained an advocate of missing persons ever since, using social networks to publicize any such cases. Brittanee’s biological father, John, talked of connecting with her child earlier than she went missing in 2009, and from what we could tell, he lives in Tampa, Florida. He’s married and has kids.

Chad, a former US Navy officer, was delighted when Raymond was arrested. Nevertheless, he resides in Rochester, is engaged to Kristy Drexel until September 2015, and is a grandpa. Camdyn finished high school in 2021 and is now accepted at The Savannah College of Art & Design in Georgia, wherein he practices softball. “From the start, my mom was destined to find my sister,” Myrissa claimed in a recent interview.

But for the moment, we’re just hoping for justice for her.” She completed Monroe Community College in Rochester and seems to live nearby still.

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