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Who is Mr Beast’s New Girlfriend? Are Mr Beast And Thea Booysen Secretly Dating?

Mr Beast New Girlfriend
credited by the-sun

Mr Beast has become a cultural icon in society after reaching 100 million Subscribers on YouTube. Indeed, establishing an enormous empire at such a young age is a tremendous accomplishment for YouTuber Star. Jimmy Donaldson has become the second individual artist, after PewDiePie, to reach 100 million subscribers. He just acknowledged that he had a partner.

Who is Mr Beast?

The millionaire YouTuber, philanthropist, entertainer, and entrepreneur has taken the internet globe by storm in recent years thanks to his production of some of the most bizarre videos online users have seen.

As little more than a result, many fans believe he will eventually surpass PewDiePie. Since Jimmy has had such a large influence on the community, it is only natural that followers are curious about his private life. Mr Beast, on the other hand, recently announced his girlfriend online. 

Who is Mr Beast’s new love interest?

The bulk of Mr Beast’s fans was not shocked when he disclosed his relationship status. Incidentally, the couple was seen together many times before the announcement, and fans had already approved the marriage or relationship.

Furthermore, Mr Beast announced his relationship with Thea Booysen on her Instagram profile by sharing an amazing picture of them. Fans admired the couple’s stunning images together while vacationing in the Maldives. Jimmy had ended all of the wild speculations that fans had been anticipating.

Are Mr Beast And Thea Booysen Secretly Dating

credited by essentiallysports

Mr Beast adored the shot, saying, “This is our prettiest photo,” and Thea agreed by responding, “Agree.” Booysen is a famous YouTuber, live broadcaster, social networking star, and social media personality. She operates the “Thea Beast” Twitch stream.

Thea generally keeps her audience entertained by playing a game like Gwent: The Witcher Card Card and Stray. Although Thea is a well-known figure, she recently came into the limelight after being spotted multiple times like Mr Beast. Indeed, fans have been waiting for Jimmy to issue an official revelation for a while.

Jimmy just shared an adorable photo of himself and Thea on Instagram. The shot confirmed Jimmy’s love for Thea Booysen, and he captioned it, “This is our cutest photo.” Jimmy posted a picture of Thea Booysen kissing his cheeks. Predictably, Thea re-shared the photo with the remark “Agree.”

Aside from that, the picture was taken on the same balcony where Mr Beast, Thea, and their crew were vacationing in the Maldives. Fans are delighted that the couple has finally confirmed their love in such a beautiful way.

The net worth of Mr beast:

Forbes ranked Mr Beast as YouTube’s greatest artist in January 2022, with a projected dollar 54 million in the year 2021. Forbes also claimed that his income in 2021 would have put him 40th just on Forbes Celebrities hundred in 2020, earning the same amount as Vin Diesel and Lewis Hamilton.

Mr Beast makes $1 million per day from YouTube views alone. He makes much more after factoring in merch, Beast Burger, Feastable, and countless other income sources.

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