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Are Caterina and Germán still alive? Germán attacks Caterina for what specific purpose?

Are Caterina and Germán still alive

The surrogate of her son Santi and his wife Natalia’s son Nico, Julia, is the subject of Netflix’s Spanish drama series ‘Holy Family.’ When Shanti died, Natalie & Nico chose to move to Argentina from Spain, which shocked Julia.

Things between German and Caterina:

They then claimed to perish and assumed false names to prevent Natalia and her father, Fernando. Fernando hired Caterina and Germán to examine the deaths of Julia and her relatives.

Caterina and Germán find Nico, but Caterina’s efforts to capture the baby and bring it to Fernando fail when Germán tries to murder her by slamming his car into hers. So, are they both no longer human? Why is Germán changing his plans? Let us explore! SPOILERS Coming.

Are Caterina and Germán alive?

After verifying that Hugo, the baby who resides with Julia/Gloria, is Nico, Caterina approaches Fernando, asking them to abduct the baby despite the obstacles. Caterina attempts to kidnap the infant, but Germán, who has been waiting for her, smashes into her vehicle and kills her.

Police officers can be seen in the backstory, trying to cover Caterina’s dead body as Eduardo/Abel drives his van through the crime scene. It’s not unexpected that she will not survive the premeditated crash.

Germán, on either hand, is still living, at least for the moment. While driving by the scene, Eduardo glances just at the crash to see his boyfriend, and paramedics can be seen in the distance transporting Germán to an ambulance on a stretcher.

Germán is alive, as evidenced by his running IV and oxygen mask. Given that he receives the necessary medical attention, his chances of surviving without complications are very good. If the series begins for season 2, we might see him recover fully from the accident and look for Eduardo to reconcile with.

Things between German and Caterina

Germán kills Caterina for what purpose?

Germán is a man of firm beliefs. Germán only had the mission of reuniting a mother and son as he joined Caterina to find Nico.

Natalia and Fernando needed justice, and the absolute minimum of that fairness should be their reunion with Nico. Even when Caterina “needs to borrow” a kid for their fake identities, Germán accepts because they offer a better life for the baby than her drug-addict parent, Claudia, can. 

Although Caterina is only concerned with the money at stake in their mission, Germán supports her because she does anything “wrong” until she decides to murder Julia or anyone else who confronts her.

Caterina accepts Fernando’s offer to murder Julia if the latter’s death is needed to retrieve Nico for Natalia because the religious leader is willing to give her extra money. Germán, on the other side, is not convinced.

He does not want to be a murderer or perhaps a collaborator of a murderer seeking money as an ex-cop. Germán should have realized that stopping Caterina is essential to save Julia’s life and the lives of her relatives, especially his boyfriend, Eduardo.

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