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What was Souta Kusada cause of death? Who is Souta Kusada?

Souta Kusada cause of death

The death of an illustrator does not necessarily receive much attention, so what did Souta Kusada do for the media to focus so much on her end? Let’s find out.

Who is Souta Kusada ?

Souta Kusada
Souta Kusada is an illustration artist who has created five of the twelve Mutsuki-class destroyer ship girls in Kancolle. The first four ships include Mutsuki, Kisaragi, Yayoi, and Uzuki. The PC game produced by Kadokawa Games popularized the characters. The anime was released in 2015 with Mutsuki as the main character, later changing to the Australian light cruiser, HMAS Perth, with blonde hair.
Kusada also worked on the designs of characters other than KanColle, like Osaka’s popular hot spring-themed anthropomorphizing series called Onsen Musume’s Mikoto Inunakiyama. Kusada has also worked for Vtuber, which is a game-graphic version of virtual youtube for Mia Mizugame and Sakaizumi Riri.

What was Souta Kusada’s Kancolle about?

Souta Kusada's Kancolle
Souta Kusada’s Kancolle follows the story of a young girl, Fubuki, who can possess a spirit within themselves and use these spirits as a weapon to fight off enemies threatening humanity. The story presents Fubuki as a recruit who is sent into a battle without complete training. She is rescued by an Aircraft Carrier, which motivates her to become better and fight on Akagi’s side. In the series, fighting scenes are minimal, and the focus is on Fubuki and her relationship with her comrades, which adds to the uniqueness and fun of the plot. The series continues to progress with the character development of Fubuki, as she does not give up and keeps fighting for herself.

All about Souta Kusada Kancolle voice actors:

Souta Kusada's Kancolle voice actors
The main character Fubuki is a Special Type Destroyer and belongs to the Third Torpedo Squadron, and actress Sumire Uesake voices her. Mutsuki is the most famous character throughout the series, a Destroyer who fights for the same side as Fubuki. She is voiced by Rina Hidaka. Youdachi holds the same position as Mutsuki and is voiced by Yumi Tanabe. Sendai, Jintsu, and Naka are Light Cruisers, with Jintsu as Flagship and the exciting part is they are all expressed by the same voice actor, Ayane Sakura. Akagi is one of the prominent characters who is an Aircraft carrier, part of the First Carrier Division, and the savior of Fubuki, who Saki Fujita voices. Some of the side characters, like Kongo, Hiei, Haruna, and Kirishima, who are part of the Second Fleet of the battleships, are voiced by Nao Touyama. Nagato and Mutsu are Secretaries of the fleet of battleships and are said by Ayane Sakura yet again. Kitakami and Oui are Torpedo Cruisers voiced by Yuka Outsubo.

How and when did Souta Kusada die?

Souta Kusada's death
According to the tweet Souta’s husband tweeted through Souta’s Twitter on October 10, 2022, she died on October 5, 2022. Before the tweet, Souta’s family held a funeral ceremony. Based on the tweet, it is concluded that Kusada committed suicide of her own choice. Souta’s husband searched for suicide notes, and as he had no findings, he stated her decision to be rash. Souta was in front of her incomplete artwork on the computer screen, and her schedule was filled with upcoming appointments. Her state didn’t seem to be the state of a person who has been planning suicide for quite some time, and it seemed to be a decision taken in the spur of the moment.

What was Souta Kusada’s cause of death?

Souta Kusada's cause of death
It is known that in her professional life, Souta experienced a lot of artist’s blocks, headaches, and guilt to being unable to perform her task to her expectations. Through her last tweet, we can see that she was entirely focused on a new project. Even when she killed herself, she was found to be working on the rough draft for her project. Her husband has been her friend for 14 years, and they finally married in January 2020, which lasted for a year and a half. Even Mr. Souta is unclear about the exact cause concerning her suicide. Fans and all her viewers hope she rests in peace.

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