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Who is Drag Race Philippines Winner 2022? Announcing the Precious Winner of the Show

Who is Drag Race Philippines Winner

As the Philippines’ next drag superstar, Precious will receive a supply of Patrick Starr’s ONE/SIZE Beauty Cosmetics and a reward of P1,000,000. Precious defeated Eva Le Queen in the first round of the Lip Sync Smackdown For The Crown in the season finale. She then competed for the title by lipsyncing Sirena by Gloc-9. Precious Paula Nicole was crowned the winner of Drag Race Philippines’ final episode, which aired yesterday, October 12. She now holds the first winner of Drag Race Philippines, having defeated 11 other drag queens. Marina Summers is the season’s first runner-up.

About the Show Drag Race Philippines:

About the Show Drag Race Philippines
Drag Race Philippines is a reality television show based in the Philippines. It is a RuPaul’s Drag Race spin-off. The show debuted on August 17, 2022. The show’s host, Paolo Ballesteros, is known as Mawma Pao. The permanent judges are Jiggly Caliente, a RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4 and All Stars season 6 contestant, and television personality KaladKaren. On July 27, the cast was revealed. The season’s alternate judges were Pascual, Jon Santos, and Rajo Laurel.

Drag Race Philippines The Great Show:

Drag Race Philippines The Great Show
Finally, making its grand entrance into the Philippine entertainment scene, Drag Race Philippines is a festival on steroids. It’s a watershed moment in the Philippines’ gay entertainment industry. Precious Paula Nicole, 34, of Camarines Norte, channeled a pink pixie doll as she made her way to the workroom. The mini-challenge usually has no bearing on the participants’ standing in the competition. Still, it allowed Marina Summers to show off her spectacular skills—swallowing the stone and channeling the legendary Pinay superhero. That certainly gave her an advantage in making an impact early on in the competition, though it raised the brows of other contestants hoping for their first win.

Who is Drag Race Philippines Winner 2022?

Who is Drag Race Philippines Winner 2022
“Life is valuable, and so are we.” Let us continue to inspire and love one another. “My name is Precious Paula Nicole, and I am your drag race superstar,” Precious announced during her victory speech. Aside from the crown, the drag queen received one million pesos and a year’s supply of Patrick Starr’s ONE/SIZE beauty cosmetics. Precious, a popular contestant from the first episode of Drag Race Philippines 2022, Paula Nicole won the Drag Race Philippines 2022 title, a P1,000,000 cash prize, and the Drag Race Philippines 2022 trophy, and Marina Summers was the first runner-up also received prize money and an award.

The Show Shines With the Stars:

The Show Shines With the Stars
The finale episode began with a bang, as viewers were treated to a performance by all of the show’s contestants. They performed alongside Paolo Ballesteros in the opening production number. The season’s top four were given the prompts Bongga Camp Day and Indigenous Extravaganza. The four were divided into two groups and had to compete to advance to the final lip-sync battle. Precious and Eva Le Queen competed in a performance of RuPaul’s “Sissy That Walk,” which the former won. Meanwhile, Marina and Xilhouete competed in RuPaul’s “Call Me Mother,” which resulted in the latter being left the final.

The Contestants and Finalists of Drag Race Philippines:

The Contestants and Finalists of Drag Race Philippines
The Drag Race Philippines 2022 journey began on WOW Presents Plus, Discovery+, and HBO Go in the Philippines and Crave in Canada. WOW, the rest of the world on August 17, 2022, where we saw many talented Drag Race queens participate in the show, and in the finale, only the Top 4 contestants reached. The finalists were Marina Summers, Precious Paula Nicole, Eve Le Queen, and Xilhouette. The judges of Drag Race Philippines 2022 are famous Filipino-American singer Jiggly Caliente, actor Kaladkaren, photographer BJ Pascual, actor Jon Santos, and world-renowned Filipino fashion designer Rajo Laurel. Drag Race Philippines 2022 hosts famous Filipino actor and television host Paolo Ballesteros.

Precious won one of the challenges, the Rusiclal, by impersonating Regine Velasquez. she had to put her younger brother John-John in drag. Precious was overcome with emotion because she had not expected her brother, who lives in the province, to be a part of the show. Drag Race Philippines premiered on HBO Go and WOW Presents Plus on August 17. The show, a local version of RuPaul’s Drag Race, was hosted by actor and TV host Paolo Ballesteros. Jiggy Caliente, Kaladkaren, BJ Pascual, Rajo Laurel, and Jon Santos were the judges. It concluded with nine episodes and a grand coronation ceremony at Pasay City’s Okada Manila hotel.

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