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Leah Croucher Missing – Is Leah Croucher Dead or Alive?

Leah Croucher Missing

Leah Croucher is a British teenage girl who was reported to be missing on the 15th of February 2019 when she was just 19 years of age and disappeared from Milton in England. She was seen last CCTV camera on the 15th of February 2019 in Furton reason she left her home and decided to walk to her workplace. After that, she was never seen in the CCTV footage, and there were no details about her appearance after that. She was a very lively person, and her disappearance caused many problems in the family. No one knew what exactly happened to her and why the kidnapping occurred. The police investigated a lot, but nothing could be found through that.

Leah Croucher Disappearance

Leah Croucher Disappearance Overview

Leah Croucher left her home in the morning on the 15th of February 2019 to work at the direct debit collection agency, which she was supposed to reach within 1 hour. She did not reach her office and was reported missing by her parents that evening as she was not returning from work. After consulting the office, it came to know that she did not reach the office, so her parents became very tense and complained to the local police, and it was seen on the CCTV camera that shoes were walking to her office and at the direction of her work. The phone’s mobile network got disconnected after a few left the house, and witnesses also gave matching descriptions about her being with someone known.

Leah Croucher Police Investigation

Police Investigation of Leah Croucher

Leah Croucher’s disappearance was very difficult for the police as the available CCTV footage showed that the disappearance occurred from the locality. Still, during the investigation, the police could not receive any evidence informing of the direction in which the kidnapping occurred. The local police also decided to visit nearly 4000 homes in the locality to check where the kidnapping was done or wish she was available, but there were no details available. The police also thought that she left her house for work but went with someone else, and it can also be said that she left her house on her well and wanted to live her life separately.

Hayden Croucher

Who is Hayden Croucher?

Hayden Croucher is the half-brother of Leah Croucher, who also appeared in court and accused the man who was described as her egg boyfriend and her brother accused that he was the one who can kidnapping or also killed his sister. After the police successfully conducted the murder inquiry, the man accused by his brother was suspiciously interrogated by the police. While this process was done on the 16th of November 2019, her brother Hayden Croucher took his own life due to depression and anxiety, which was created by his sister’s disappearance. Being her brother, he did not feel very happy about his sister’s disappearance, which caused him to take a lot of depression, leading to him killing himself.

Media Details

Media Details and Overview

The police enquired about the entire incident, and a lot of media reception was also created in terms of the entire incident, as the police did not do anything while having the CCTV footage. Crime Watch Live what’s a media series that was released on September 2019 and showed the details of the entire story. Various news channels also covered the entire story in terms of the details that it showed how the overall thing was done in terms of kidnapping or Murder. Still, police look forward to a certain investigation to find out the individual or maybe the dead body as there haven’t been any details about her death, so still, things are very confusing for the family.

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