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Where is Alleged Rapist Rex Byrnes Now? The Truth About the Dirty Side of Rex Byrnes

Where is Alleged Rapist Rex Byrnes Now

‘In Pursuit with John Walsh: A Father’s Betrayal’ on Investigation Discovery tells the disturbing story of Rex Brynes of Schenectady, New York, who was charged with sexually abusing his underage daughter in February 2019. He has eluded police since then, even though authorities are still looking for him after three years. So, do you want to learn more about the case and get the latest information on the perpetrator?

Who is Rex Byrnes?

Who is Rex Byrnes
Alyssa Marotta began dating Rex Brynes in July 2011 after meeting Rex when his brother was dating her cousin. According to Alyssa, Rex was a die-hard death metal fan who dressed the part, wearing black tees and having long hair. He envisioned himself as a death metal superstar, touring Europe and South America with his amateur band. However, after meeting Alyssa, he realized she was a girl who desired stability and children in her life. To impress her, Rex shaved his head, shaved his legs, and even did a good job refinishing floors. Their relationship progressed quickly, with Alyssa moving in with him within a month.

Rex Byrnes and Alyssa Relationship:

Rex Byrnes and Alyssa Relationship
At the time, the little girl lived in Florida with her mother. However, as soon as Alyssa moved in, Rex returned to his old ways, growing his hair and devoting his time to his death metal band. On the other hand, Alyssa was thrilled when Sarah moved in with her father about two years later. She began caring for the little girl and watching her grow up – a life she had always desired. She became a stay-at-home stepmother, bonding with Sarah as they drew, hiked, went to parks, and did everything together. But her relationship with Rex deteriorated as she made shocking discoveries about him.

Alyssa Found the Darkest side of Rex Byrnes:

Alyssa Found the Darkest side of Rex Byrnes
She claimed she discovered child pornography on his laptop and witnessed him sneaking out of Sarah’s bedroom in the middle of the night. When confronted by Alyssa, Rex denied everything. With him bouncing around jobs, Alyssa got a job as a chef at a hospital to provide financial stability for the family, while Rex stayed at home and cared for Sarah. However, their relationship deteriorated into physical abuse, and she filed for divorce from Rex. Sarah, however, requested visitation with Alyssa about two weeks after their separation. During her second visit, the 11-year-old revealed a heinous crime: she claimed her father raped her.

Where is Alleged Rapist Rex Byrnes Now?

Where is Alleged Rapist Rex Byrne Now
Alyssa also called and confronted Rex about his daughter’s horrifying claims. After they divorced, Rex went to live with his mother. When police arrived to question him, they discovered that Rex had fled. His mother informed the police that Rex had withdrawn from the house, and the officers searched the neighborhood and his usual haunts to find him. On February 13, 2019, Rex was charged with raping his underage daughter, and a Superior Court arrest warrant was issued based on Sarah’s testimony. Since then, the police have been looking for him but have been unable to find him.

Police Investigate the Issue:

Police Investigate the Issue
The police department sees “In Pursuit” as a chance to bring Byrnes to justice, as he could be a danger to other children wherever he is now. “This is a dangerous individual,” said Sgt. Nick Mannix of the Schenectady Police Department. “The more people see this man’s face, the more help we will get.” According to Michelle Sigona, producer of “In Pursuit,” the show works in collaboration with local authorities to investigate and track down dangerous people on the run. Viewer participation by calling in tips is critical. “They’ll place a fugitive in a particular location, so investigators know where to go,” Sigona explained.

A man who eluded police in Schenectady will be the subject of an Investigation Discovery program airing Wednesday night. “In Pursuit with John Walsh” will cover the fugitive case. After being charged with sexually abusing his daughter, Rex Byrnes fled Schenectady in 2018. Detectives Joseph Zelezniak and Michael Hudson of the Schenectady Police Department both took part in the program’s filming after working on the case. Byrnes was 5 feet 8 inches tall, 150 pounds, with long brown hair and a lazy eye when he went missing in 2018. Even though he was living in Schenectady, he is originally from Canajoharie. He may be now in Florida.

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