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What was Edward B. Garone Cause of Death? What Happened to Edward B. Garone?

Edward B. Garone

Derry Chief Edward B. Garone, New Hampshire’s longest-serving police chief, died on October 11. “It is with great grief that Chief George Feole of the Derry Police Department announces the demise of Chief Edward B. Garone (retired),” his wife and family by his side. Feole Garone died after a long illness, according to her family. Garone worked as a police officer for 58 years, beginning on October 15, 1964, with Lebanon, New Hampshire Police Department. From June 1, 1972, until his recent retirement on September 30, 2022, he was the City’s Chief of Police.

What happened to Edward B. Garone?

What happened to Edward B. Garone
According to a statement from officials, Police Chief Edward Garone, who recently resigned, died on Tuesday. Garone was in charge of the Derry police force for 50 years. Chief George Feole, who took over on September 30, reported that Garone died after a long illness. Blanche, his wife, and numerous family members were there to support him.
Garone was previously the chief of police in Lebanon, New Hampshire, before becoming the chief of police in Derry. On October 15, 1964, he began working there. Garone’s two surviving children are Vicky Moran, his daughter, and Michael Garone, his son.

How did Edward B. Garone Die?

How did Edward B. Garone Die
Edward died in the presence of his loved ones after succumbing to his long illness. As a result, the cause of death for the Derry police chief was discovered to be a long-term illness. The victim’s family and relatives have been contacted for comment on the incident. So yes, no responses have been received. If we have adequate information, we will update the page. More details about the death of the Derry police chief will be posted soon. Hundreds of family members and neighbors attended to recognize Garone’s accomplishments before his last month’s retirement. It is expected that once the funeral arrangements are finalized, they will be made public.

Edward B. Garone’s successful Journey:

Edward B. Garone's successful Journey
It is an honor to have served on the police force for 50 years. Being the department head for fifty years is even more impressive. Edward will celebrate his 50th year with the New Hampshire Town of Derry Police Department in June 2022. One might wonder how a leader could hold a position for so long in an age when everything is constantly changing. However, when considering his ultimate goal of being fair and equitable—and considering how he would like to be handled in situations, whether meeting with a suspect or victim or dealing with a labor issue—accepting Chief Garone’s lengthy stay is not so difficult.

Early Career of Edward B. Garone:

Early Career of Edward B. Garone
Chief Garone, a Vermont native, enrolled in the United States Marine Corps in August 1961. After that mission, he returned to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. His three-year tenure of service ended on August 31, 1964. When his active career in the Marine Corps ended, Chief Garone wanted to continue serving the public. He returned to his wife’s residence on October 15, 1964, and was sworn in as a police officer. Garone rose to the rank of captain while working for Lebanon, New Hampshire, police department. However, after seven and a half years, he began to seek increasingly prominent leadership positions.

Edward B. Garone As a Chief of Police:

Edward B. Garone As a Chief of Police
On June 1, 1972, Chief Garone was appointed chief of police for the Derry Police Department. He wasn’t even 30 years old. It now employs 59 full-time officers, 15 civilians, and four part-time workers, up from 20 full-time officers and seven specialists when it initially began. He has been instrumental in the department accessing the most up-to-date and efficient tools, technology, and training. Pamela Smart, at 15, was a former high school media coordinator when she began dating William “Billy” Flynn.

He became secretary after his presidential term ended in 1990 and has held the position ever since. In 2008, Chief Garone received the NHACOP’s Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition, he received the New Hampshire Congressional Law Enforcement Award for Career Service in 2015 for his exceptional dedication and commitment to New Hampshire law enforcement over the previous 50 years. He is a member of the New England State Police Information Network’s board of directors. Chief Garone attributes his success to the team members he has worked with over the years and the agency’s shared commitment to putting service before self.

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