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Is Lucy Letby, the neonatal ward nurse, a serial killer?

Lucy Letby

Coming across the path of a serial killer is only for the romanticists of death. As thrilling as it sounds, one would rather avoid this misfortune, especially when the victim is a defenseless baby.

Who is Lucy Letby?

Lucy Letby
Lucy Letby is a 32-year-old neonatal ward nurse specializing in training to care for premature babies. She worked at the Countess of Chester Hospital in the UK. The nurse is accused of attacking and murdering sets of twins and repeatedly killing babies more than once.
Letby of Arran Avenue, Hereford, denied all 22 charges upon her, including the mutilation of 17 babies in a year-long killing spree. According to the charges, she murdered five baby boys and two baby girls in a year between June 2015 and 2016.

Why is Lucy Letby’s case inhuman?

Lucy Letby's inhuman case
Lucy Letby is accused of murdering defenseless babies in the same hospital as the inpatient parents. Hospitals have been a place that receives a heavy amount of trust in security. To think that a child is killed in the parent’s presence only sounds thrilling to a serial killer. Not just that, Lucy’s murder techniques also seemed inspired by serial killers, like poisoning the tube attached to the babies with air, milk, and insulin. Taking a closer look, this seems like a newborn serial killer learning how to murder by experimenting on premature babies like guinea pigs.

Lucy Letby in the court trial:

Lucy Letby court trial
The Manchester crown court is where the jurisdiction has been taking place on Lucy’s case. Nick Johnson is prosecuting the alleged nurse and mentions Lucy’s “malevolent” presence in all matters of neonatal unit death and the run-downs.
Lucy, however, stands with her plead for not guilty through the case session for the 22 charges, which included seven charges of murder and 15 charges of attempted murder.

The prosecutor further discussed the death causes of the babies, which cannot be a case of negligence or mishappenings but only intentional. Babies’ air-down tubes were injected with air, one baby’s stomach tube was injected with air, and another feeding bag was contaminated with insulin. Some babies were fed too much either directly through the mouth pipe or tube to the stomach.

Lucy Let’s constant presence:

Lucy Letby's constant presence
The jury presented Lucy’s friends as the witness who stated that Lucy wished to see a living baby in the space which a dead one previously occupied. This was when Lucy was supposed to be working in another unit, without permission, entered the room of a four-day-old boy whom she then injected a nasogastric line to the stomach. Lucy also showcased a strange interest in the parents of the twin, according to her Facebook history, hours after the death of the baby boy. The timing suggested that she wanted to see the reaction of the parents who found out about the end of their baby.
Another baby girl born in another hospital was shifted to Countess of Chester, where she showcased a positive recovery until Lucy began to take care of her. The infant began to vomit and later faced severe brain damage. The parents of the victim’s child claimed that their baby survived three attempted murders by injecting air and milk.

How was Lucy found out?

Lucy Letby's found out
According to BBC, the nurse was caught by the baby’s mother at the time of the murder. The mother visited her son and witnessed blood streaming through his mouth. Lucy told the mother that the blood was due to a tube and asked her to trust her as she was a nurse. The mother, at the time, did not realize her son was being attacked. The concerned mother called her husband, which eventually led to the court case.

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