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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 18, What You Should Know

The Walking Dead
Things you should know on The Walking Dead. *Photo: Undead Walking)

An early confrontation between Daryl and Lance’s warriors was resolved in “A New Deal” thanks to Carol’s quick arrival with Pamela and Mercer.

As was alluded to last week, Carol made a deal with the governor of the Commonwealth that would enable her and her allies to escape with supplies to rebuild their towns while Lance took over as leader of the country from Sebastian.

And although it was great news for Maggie, Negan, and the company, it was not such great news for the people of the Commonwealth. Instead of waiting for Pamela to discipline her kid, Max decided to take things into her own hands by convincing him to act like a typical D-bag.

The walking Dead

Things you should know on The Walking Dead. *Photo: Undead Walking)

In addition to covertly filming his tirade on how the people of the CW are too dim to see that the system is set up to ensure that the poor would never become wealthy and the affluent would always grow wealthier.

The Assassination

Then, during the Founders’ Day celebration, Max ordered Eugene to play the recording over the PA system. A commotion erupted quickly, with Lance’s behind-the-bars manipulations only adding to the mayhem. Turns out he ordered the assassination of the Founders’ Day cleaning crew by Shira and Calhoun so that their corpses may come back to life and cause mayhem. Yes sir, they certainly did.

Sebastian, certain that Max was the one who had videotaped him, pursued her until he found a good moment to aim a walker at her. She may have been bitten if Eugene hadn’t come to the rescue and shoved the zombie in the direction of Sebastian, whose cries for assistance were met with silence. One of the most satisfying deaths in the series’ history, he was bitten to death in a bloody last act.