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‘Hunter x Hunter’ Is Back; Meet the Characters

Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter is finally back. (Photo: Animegeek)

One of the most popular anime series worldwide ‘Hunter x Hunter’ is finally back after 4 years of hiatus and fans are now so excited to meet the characters.

‘Hunter x Hunter’ is one of the most followed and watched anime series worldwide and it has even adapted into different languages to make it more convenient for its fans.

Finally, the ‘Hunter x Hunter’ is back after 4 years of hiatus and this time it will follow the new adventures of Kurapika on his trip to the Dark Continent.

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is finally back. (Photo: Animegeek)

Meanwhile, here are some of the characters that you need to know in the upcoming ‘Hunter x Hunter’ that you should know.

Who Are The Characters in ‘Hunter x Hunter’?


  • One of the finest sidekicks in anime, Killua, has taken his little sister Alluka on an adventure. However, the inclusion of Illumi and Kalluto in the Succession Contest Arc with the rest of the Phantom Troupe may please followers of the Zolyck family. Illumi, along by his younger brother Kalluto, is now on a quest to eliminate Hisoka. It remains to be determined, however, where the Zoldyck family brother’s loyalties really lie. It seems that Illumi will either desert his comrade and stand with the Phantom Group or betray the troupe and join forces with Hisoka.


  • Kurapika’s major customer, Oito, was the key that unlocked the door to the section of the ship where the princes of the Succession War were staying. The youngest of the princes may trace their lineage back to her. Oito, a newcomer to Nen, has trouble making sense of the bizarre circumstances surrounding the succession struggle. Oito was initially not much use to her bodyguards in their goal to defend her young daughter from the other princes, but after extensive training from Kurapika and some study of her own Nen, she gradually became a true aid.


  • Theta is Tserriednich’s top bodyguard during the Succession Arc. She’s Tserriednich’s mentor and a skilled hunter and Nen user. Theta, who may be one of the ship’s strongest and most important personalities, has been sidelined in favor of her mentorship of Tserriednich. They have developed an odd friendship, with her uncovering Terriednich’s whereabouts while the hostile prince develops feelings for her.