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[SPOILER!] What Should You Know About ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6?

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty Season 6 SPOILER. (Photo: Comic Book)

After six episodes, Rick and Morty has reached the midpoint of its sixth season. And the most recent installment has shown off more of his futuristic armament.

As has been shown in the past, Rick has always been ready for pretty much anything. He has outfitted his body with a plethora of technological enhancements. Making him stronger than anybody would have thought possible. Yet, it seems that Rick has increased the number of viewers can see at work in his body, making him more susceptible than he ever was before in a variety of ways.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty Season 6 SPOILER. (Photo: Comic Book)

The “Final DeSmithation” episode was the first time this season that Rick got into a serious altercation with another character. During his short pursuit of Rick Prime in Season 6’s premiere. He had some new weaponry and technology implanted in his body.

Yet, in Episode 5 of the season, he faced up against a slew of foes who had been given superhuman powers by mysterious fortune cookies and a meth ring before that. Meanwhile, Rick is demonstrating the arsenal of weaponry he’s concealed inside his body.

While wearing his “suit beyond suits” from the episode, Rick is able to scan the surroundings and determine the origin of the fortune cookies’ abilities. His shoes can launch him into the air. And he has a gadget in his arm that can scratch out a new fortune, which he used to rescue Jerry.

This episode, in which Rick had complete freedom to act. As he pleased because the fact that he was also immortal, demonstrates that he is unlikely to make the same mistakes that have plagued him in the past.