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Emma Roberts To Film in Matawan for ‘Space Cadet’

Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts to film for Space Cadet in Matawan. (Photo: Collider)

The production team of ‘Space Cadet’ starring Emma Roberts will likely be seen in Matawan to film a scene on Monday.

Emma Roberts is one of the most adored, appreciated, and loved actresses today. Her contribution to the industry is so significant, but this time, she will have a role that you are not used to.

The ‘Space Cadet’ is a new romantic comedy starring Emma Roberts and they are about to film in Matawan on Monday.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts to film for Space Cadet in Matawan. (Photo: Collider)

So far, here’s what we know about the progress of the filming of ‘Space Cadet’ and where Emma Roberts will film a scene.

What the ‘Space Cadet’ Is All About?

In a published article in PATCH, ‘Space Cadet’ is about Roberts who is a “Florida party girl Rex, who turns out to be the only hope for the NASA space program, after a fluke puts her in training with other candidates who may have better resumes, but don’t have her smarts, heart and moxie.”

According to another report from APP, Emma Roberts and her crew will shoot a scene in the well-known “Blue House,” known as the Ryer House, dates to 1873.

The homeowner Andrew Scibor said “They loved the house. I welcomed them, and I welcome all movie productions to the home in the future because Matawan Borough and local businesses benefit from it.  Matawan is a unique town with a lot of potential for movies.”