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‘The Anthrax Attacks’: Who is Behind the Deadly Attacks?

The Anthrax Attacks
Who is the killer behind 'The Anthrax Attacks'? (Photo: Netflix)

Netflix just released ‘The Anthrax Attacks’ on September 8. It is a documentary series that features an alleged bioterrorism attack just one week after 9/11.

The streaming site has a lot to offer to its audience and that includes different documentary shows. As expected, millions love to watch shows that are based on real events.

This is an interesting documentary show because this gives people of all ages a glimpse of one of the most confidential and controversial problems the country had.

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The Anthrax Attacks

Who is the killer behind ‘The Anthrax Attacks’? (Photo: Netflix)

So far, here’s what you should know about ‘The Anthrax Attacks’ before watching it on Netflix. Make sure that you know the facts about the new documentary show.

What ‘The Anthrax Attacks’ Is All About?

In a published article on Netflix TUDUM, ‘The Anthrax Attacks’ is a documentary show that follows an alleged bioterrorism attack just one week after the brutal and tragic 9/11 attack. Searching for the killer or the culprit was difficult for the federal agents. What if the killer is working inside the FBI?

The attacks started when letters laced with anthrax flowed through the US mail system. Several recipients of the letters or those who were exposed to the chemicals died while 20 were reportedly ill for the next weeks and months. Who is the culprit? You will be shocked, make sure to watch this documentary show.

Release Date, Where Did the Attacks Taka Place?

‘The Anthrax Attacks’ can presently be streamed on Netflix. It was launched on September 8 and it already received reviews from critics, according to a published report in DECIDER.

Further, the letters were sent around the country from a mailbox in New Jersey, arriving elsewhere in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Connecticut, and Washington, D.C.

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