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Verdict Over Nipsey Hussle’s Murder Trial

Nipsey Hussle
Eric Holder found guilty for killing late rapper Nipsey Hussle. (Photo: Weekly Entertainment)

The prosecutor released the result of the verdict over Nipsey Hussle’s murder trial after the jury deliberated for six hours.

Shooting Incident

Nipsey Hussle was shoot and found dead outside his clothing store in March 2019. He was 33 years old at that year. It was found during the trial that Eric Holder planned to kill him. Deputy District Attorney John McKinney said that there was no doubt of the crime because Holder kicked Hussle at least 10 times before leaving him.

In a published article on CBS News, it was reported that Hussle and Holder had a dispute already. Hussle heard that Holder was a snitch and wanted to clear that up. Moreover, the late rapper Nipsey Hussle was having a conversation with his friends and Holder before he was attacked.

However, the prosecutors have a hard time getting witnesses in the shooting incident during the trial. They believed that those who wanted to testify were just afraid of being seen as a snitch. Additionally, they were also reluctant to be involved in the case.

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Nipsey Hussle

Eric Holder found guilty for killing late rapper Nipsey Hussle. (Photo: Weekly Entertainment)

Holder’s Attorney Released a Statement

Holder’s attorney Aaron Jansen asked the prosecutors last week for lesser charges. “We told you it was voluntary manslaughter and that he acted in a heat of passion. And we told you what that heat of passion that he acted on consisted of — it consisted of being called publicly a snitch by someone as famous as Nipsey Hussle and we believe that is what the evidence showed,” Jansen said.

However, prosecutor John McKinney said that Holder was consumed by rage that day. He also added that he shoot Nipsey Hussle 10 minutes after their conversation and after they exchange shake hands.

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