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Hayden Panettiere Opens Up About Her Addiction

Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere opens up about her addiction. (Photo: PEOPLE)

Hayden Panettiere shared in an interview her secret addiction to opioids and alcohol that almost ruined her acting career.

Hayden Panettiere’s Addiction

The 32-year-old actress Hayden Panettiere admitted through a digital news outlet PEOPLE that she almost ruined her career because of drugs and alcohol. Aside from this, she also shared that she also suffered from postpartum depression after she gave birth to her daughter.

Hayden Panettiere’s addiction started when she was 15 years old. She revealed that someone on her team began to give her “happy pills” before she walked into the red carpets.

Hayden said “They were to make me peppy during interviews. I had no idea that this was not an appropriate thing, or what door that would open for me when it came to my addiction.”

She also told the same digital news outlet that she could relate to a lot of storylines in the music drama “Nashville”, in which she stars, like alcoholism and postpartum depression. In addition to this, she also used to take opioids.

Meanwhile, the actress admitted that her saving grace is that she couldn’t be messy while she is on set and working. However, she could no longer control her addiction as she grows older and she could not live without drugs and alcohol.

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Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere opens up about her addiction. (Photo: PEOPLE)

Actress Landed in a Hospital, Seeks a Treatment

In a published article in CNN News, it was reported that Hayden Panettiere landed in a hospital and doctors told her that her liver was “going to give out”. After eight months, she also went into a rehabilitation center and various trauma and inpatient therapies.

Despite this, Hayden Panettiere admitted that “I put a lot of work into myself and I had to be willing to be incredibly honest,” Right now, she is reprising her role in a new “Scream” film.

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