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James Cameron Not To Direct Avatar 4 and 5: “They’re kind of all-consuming”

James Cameron
James Cameron might not direct 'Avatar' 4 and 5. (Photo: NPR)

The well-respected director James Cameron expressed his intention not to direct Avatar 4 and 5 because they are all-consuming.

James Cameron

James Cameron might not direct ‘Avatar’ 4 and 5. (Photo: NPR)

James Cameron on Avatar 4 and 5

James Cameron is one of the best directors today. He is well-adorned and praised by young directors and want to follow his footsteps. If not all but most of the films he directed earned millions of dollars globally. One of this is the “Avatar”.

In a published article in INDEPENDENT, James Cameron did not directly say that he will not direct the ‘Avatar 4 and 5’ but he said “The Avatar films themselves are kind of all-consuming,” He also added that there are other things he wants to develop that are more exciting.

Moreover, Cameron also shared during the interview that he wants to pass the baton to a director that he trusts the most. This is for him to do other stuff that he likes. However, before the conversation ended he also said “Or maybe not. I don’t know.”

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What Does James Cameron Want To Do?

James Cameron said “Everything I need to say about family, about sustainability, about climate, about the natural world, the themes that are important to me in real life and in my cinematic life, I can say on this canvas,” according to a published article on DEADLINE.

“I got more excited as I went along. Movie four is a corker. It’s a motherfucker. I actually hope I get to make it. But it depends on market forces. Three is in the can so it’s coming out regardless. I really hope that we get to make four and five because it’s one big story, ultimately,” Cameron continued.

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