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‘Stranger Things Season 5’: When Will It Be Released on Netflix?

Stranger Things Season 5
Duffer Brothers confirmed 'Stranger Things Season 5' on Netflix. (Photo: News Hunt)

Netflix announced that ‘Stranger Things Season 5’ will resume filming soon and a spin-off will also be released.

Stranger Things Season 5

Duffer Brothers confirmed ‘Stranger Things Season 5’ on Netflix. (Photo: News Hunt)

What We Know About ‘Stranger Things Season 5’

The series creator, the Duffer brothers, confirmed recently that there will be ‘Stranger Things Season 5’. They also added that this will be its last season. However, they did not confirm as to how many episodes there will be and details about the PLOT are still kept under wraps.

According to an article published in Miami Herald, the Duffer brothers said that they planned out the complete story of ‘Stranger Things’ seven years ago. They also revealed that they expected to have four to five seasons but they found out late on that the series is too big only for four seasons.

Meanwhile, they also said that should expect more exciting stories that will tell about ‘Stranger Things Season 5’. Additionally, there will be new mysteries, adventures, and unexpected heroes but they did not tell if there will be another villain in the last season.

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Filming and Release Date of ‘Stranger Things Season 5’

In a published article in DECIDER, Matt Duffer said in June that they have not yet started filming ‘Stranger Things Season 5’. He said “We learn a lot every time we make a (season),” and continued that they already knew how to work with the new actors.

This means that they cannot yet tell the fans when the premiere date of ‘Stranger Things Season 5’.  However, they assured that the break between Season 4 and 5 will not be as long as Season 3 and Season 4. In fact, the Duffers said that they cannot imagine another 6 months of hiatus in filming just like what happened after Season 3.

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